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Confused teenager... can i get some advice?
sex dreams are normal.......even uncomfortable ones...........but stick with what you've got.....let your feelings for the guy in your dreams flow to your boyfriend in real life and enjoy! Wink
18? Okay. I was thinking maybe this guy was a fair deal older than you, but it seems not to be the case.

Looks like you have a classic case of temptation. Especially when you're young, you'll notice and think about other people from time to time. That's normal in my opinion, but it can be distressing since it prompts you think think about what you want.
Yeah it was just a dream. You shouldnt take it too seriously. I have dreams about people i dont even know. You may just have an attraction to this other guy. Its normal. If you love Ryan then you should just keep things on the friendship level with Alex.
bariuke Wrote:18? Okay. I was thinking maybe this guy was a fair deal older than you, but it seems not to be the case.

Would it have mattered if he was a fair deal older? Wink
Alright, thanks for the advice Smile And Bariuke, i've dated a 21 year old before, and this was a couple of months before ryan. really i dont think it matters, as long as the other is willing enough to wait till i become of age, you know? besides is age is but a number
Love is love, no matter the gender :heartline:

You true colors are beautiful like a rainbow - Cyndi Lauper

Everywhere we go
We're looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old
We're always on the run
They say we'll rot in hell
But i dont think we will
They've branded us enough
Outlaws of Love

~Adam Lambert~

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