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Contemplating a Full Body Wax
Has anyone experimented with full body waxing?

Over the past few years I've been shaving myself more and more but now I'm ready to take a plunge and just go for it.

I found a service in NYC that is doing such a thing and I was wondering if it was safe or not and how painful can it actually be?
I mean if it's the pain you're mostly concerned about I guess you get used to the pain. But regardless it's going to hurt.

It is fully safe, But it's still safer to do some research on the place before hand. I'm pretty sure someone would sit down and have a talk to you about it there.

Best of luck. Smile
Waxing is painful, you are pulling the hair out by the roots, on mass. There are other options such as depilatory creams that will do as good as waking without the pain. The salon might offer that option as well.
what about laser hair removal? it's something I was thinking about, not for my whole body but certain places. I kind of like my body hair Confusedmile:
Sounds similar to contemplating jumping into a swimming poll full of double edged razor blades...

Long Long ago one of my partner's talked me into getting the patch of chest hair I have waxed off. I do not have much hair there, its pretty sparse. The mid part of the chest wasn't that bad. But the hairs around the nipple - ouch.

I would hate to imagine what it would feel like if I had more hair, or tried to get the few other areas of hair pulled out by the roots.

With that said, if you really want to try a wax, then I suggest you start with something minor to get a feel for what you will be experiencing.

There are many products in drug stores that you can buy and use. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - many of them have lots of warnings and tell you not to use on areas like the nipples and 'down yonder'. Some products are for tougher hair, such as facial hair, others are for less tough areas. ALL should be tested first as they can do things to your skin. Thus jumping into the shower and using say Nair all over the body could conceivably lead to your having an all body rash.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

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Personally a pair of grooming clippers and Magic shaving powder to get the edges perfect does just fine. I like my bod hair, just want it to be neat and groomed, not wild and untamed looking, and neck lines and a few too dark or long stays that get too far away from my underarms of "nether regions" have go to go entirely.

Whatever you decide on using, test a small spot in the area you intend on using it first. Magic does not say groin safe, but for most I've talked to, unless you have extremely sensitive skin, it is fine as long as you follow the directions.

Yes it says 6-8 minutes and, trust me 10 will give you a mild chemical burn, but if you use it properly, no pain at all and it lasts 3-10 days depending on how fast your hair grows and, how much hair you have. That's about the same as waxing, so think about depilatory options before you resign yourself to torture.
Blue Wrote:Waxing is painful

Blue, don't be such a baby, lol!

Yes, waxing hurts. But it is a moment's pain and then it is gone. I used to go for regular full body waxes, but then I moved and wasn't too comfortable with the people in my new city. It takes a certain amount of trust, so start off with only a part of your body and when you feel comfortable, go for the full body wax.

Happy waxing Smile
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I'd go for laser hair removal. At least it does something to permanently diminish the amount of body hair you have. Waxing lasts for as long as it takes for your hair to grow back.
I have waxed for years. I love the effect of it and so does my partner. During the winter I let it all grow back, but come spring I whisk it away and it's lovely. It IS EXTREAMLY PAINFUL AT FIRST (first 20 times or so) but you build an immunity to the pain, and I actually enjoy it now.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
well, if you do decide to get waxed, just remember this:

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