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Dating advice
So I met a guy and this is my first real date with another man. I guess he's just your typical gay teen. So I'm looking for some tips on dating men. I mean I'm still the same person I was before I came out but this guy is obviously a bit more... flamboyant.

Also I smoke and I'm not sure if I should just pull out a pack when I feel the need or maybe just keep that information to myself. I would hate to scare him off right away but at the same time I don't want it to be an issue later on.
Be yourself, it's easier and if that scares him off then it was never going to work anyway.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Give up smoking Big Grin
You should probably ask them how they feel about smoking, it really bothers some people. Unless they're a smoker too, I'd avoid smoking on a first date.

I don't smoke, but I can't help but think it would annoy the fuck out of me if someone just randomly pulled a cigarette out and started smoking. I'd be less annoyed if they asked if I minded or not, and then I would be a bitch and tell them they should quit.
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
Just pulling out a packet of cigarettes was never as cool as we were supposed to think. Surely you would normally be polite enough to ask anyone in your company if they minded if you smoked? Why would you show a date less courtesy?

It would avoid a lot of problems later if you could just be you on your date. At least he would know what he was letting himself in for Wink If he is that flamboyant he might appreciate not having to compete for a change.
be honest tell him "you know i should let you know i am a smoker" if he does not want to accept that fact he was not worth your time in the first place.
My Bf knew i smoked before we got together he does not I respect that and do not smoke around him.
I excuse myself and tell him i want a smoke he understands and i go smoke.

It has nothing to do with COOL I just enjoy a good smoke and trust me at age 50 i couldn't care less about being cool.

i am who i am accept me for that or be on your way.
Do ask about the upfront about it right away and prepare yourself for whatever answer he might give you ...he might be a smoker too and then you have nothing to worry about! Sometimes the smell of cigarettes on your clothes or breath can bother people as well and second hand smoke can really be annoying (and hazardous) to someone who doesn't smoke.
I have no problem with the smell of smoke since I grew up with my dad who is a heavy smoker. However, I would love to have a bf who does not smoke. Many people that I know feel the same way.

Most of the gay teen likes to talk about themselves and fancy stuff ( I do =D ), so just keep asking question, have a good sense of humor, pay for the dinner and generous in tip. Also, a good bye kiss would be nice ( or would lead to something nicer =D )

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