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Dead Couple in Room 118
A bellboy was summoned to the Motel Managers Office one day very early in the morning. It seems that a couple had passed away in Room 118 and since they were pretty famous the Manager wanted to make sure none of the couples effects were stolen and that everything was as it should be for the police who were due to arrive soon and investigate. It was believed they had died of natural causes but the bellhop was instructed to take out anything that might harm the couples integrity to their fans and the hotels image before the police arrived.
The bellhop went up and opened the door. He looked around the room and found nothing unusual and nothing of value. Also he found nothing to indicate drugs or excessive alcohol or anything bad. Curiousity overtook him and he went to look at the couple being that he never saw a dead body before let alone 2.
He approached the bed and gently pulled back the sheets as it appeared that the old man and his much younger girlfriend were naked and he wanted to sneak a peek at her. What would be the harm of seeing her naked he thought. So he pulled back the covers and saw that the girl was really quite sexy and much to his surprise that the older man had this massive woody standing straight up. It must have measured 9 inches at least. The bellhop couldn't resist so he looked for the older mans cane which was well known he used to get around. He picked it up and gave that hard on a hard massive whack.....It was then that he realized he had entered the wrong couples room ......

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