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Do gay people exist?

Before you jump to conclusion that this might be "religious fool trying to tell you that what you are doing is unnatural and against the god" type of thread hear me out and this might turn out to be interesting discussion.

So.... recently I listened to this interview with Rosie O'Donnell where she spoke about being in relationship with a man and how she found out that despite loving him this wasn't for her and then moved back to being with other women.. this got me thinking if there is such a thing as truly gay.

Obviously she could feel attraction toward that guy and have orgasm with him, same as gay men can have orgasm with other women, but unlike them somebody like I who is a straight guy could never have an orgasm with another man. I never thought about dicks while orgasming and even the sight of another mans dick is repulsive to me.

Having this thought in my head yesterday I started to wonder about this and here is my question for you...

Is there such a thing as truly gay, or are people simply heterosexual or bisexual with bisexual individuals having gender preferences ranging anywhere from 50:50 or leaning more towards one gender in particular?
Yes it is a contiuum. Yes there are all of the above. Yes it is a biological, a psychological, a social and a spiritual expression of life that is not exclusive to humans. As soon as one defines it another refines it. And welcome to GS!! Wavey

BTW, I did NOT get from Rosie that she actually could have an orgasm with that man, but I sure hope she did! mmmm Xyxthumbs
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I had to read your post again and I'd like to add "NEVER say never" buddy!!! Just close your eyes and relax. Let it happen or don't. There is choice and no choice, and many times no choice is a choice. Hope you find what you're after!

I say all this because I noticed your profile says you are a gay woman in a monogamous straight relationship but your post says you are a guy who could never have an orgasm with another guy. I'd LOVE to prove you wrong on that one live online before the entire world but alas I've left those days behind. Hope you'll clarify and I'll look forward to continuing the discussion! Yllove
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No there is truly gay. Now I'd imagine most of us could, if we wished override that and use our imagination with an opposite gender partner to manage at least a lack luster performance without totally embarrassing ourselves, or the case of gay women, tune it out and fake it at the right time.

That does't make us any less gay, just means we have a pretty good imagination and a strong enough will to override our nature.

And, that's only half of what sexuality is, the other half is who we imagine spending out old age with, who we want to cuddle up to on a clod night and, who we want to know every secret of our minds and bodies. For me that is definitely a man, both sexually and emotionally. I simply can't connect with a woman beyond friendship or familial love, the romance and intimacy just don't happen for me unless it's with another man.

Yep definitely gay here, and quite happy that I am. I rather like me that way. Smile
I know this is not exclusive to humans and that animals do it, which stands as direct contradiction to religious people that believe that their god who is creator of both animals and humans would condemn homosexuality.

This songs also has nice lyrics that address that issue. (To bad this forum doesn't allow youtube links to new members but you can search it yourself if interested.)

Corporate Avenger - Jesus Christ Homosexual

But I wasn't coming from that standpoint at all, nor am I religious.
Simply I wondered if current view/definition of homosexuality is how it is or this is this simply bisexuality in varying degrees.

Yes I am a man. Since there wasnt an option for "straight man" I clicked what ever I clicked, and no I couldn't have an orgasm with another man. We humans have tendency to view world and people as our selves be it when it comes to our nature, limitation or qualities. Just because you feel something that is in you that doesn't mean that it is in me as well, and I am not saying this as close minded bigot, but as somebody who is truly honest with him self and in deep touch with his own psyche.
hey Blue thanks for your reply.

For some reason I cant quote posts since this forum seems to be quite buggy.

I understand and accept that you want to spend your life with man but just wondering...

Is there no sexual attraction towards females at all in you? Did you ever have an orgasm with a woman or thinking about one?
Great response Aloha and I do NOT disagree with you! Just having fun with the topic.

Actually, I personally believe there are salient features that set humans apart from all the other creatures on our planet. One of these being our capacity too choose to change what's "natural". Humans can specifically manipulate instinct and fight or flight becomes a broad range of reactions and responses providing a huge wealth of adventure where one learns things never truly imagined with only a little effort.

I believe we are all born with predispositions and despite that many transcend them. More importantly I believe humans can work with acceptance and choice to find brilliant happiness in life and THAT is what is most important regardless of anyone's theoretical impositions.

I hope with all my heart you were not offended by my observation(s) and I only mean to engage with you because you so welcome here and your post (though in several threads of GS, remains interesting and wonderful fodder for conversation!

Again, welcome to GS! Smile
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If you were being truly honest with yourself, you 'd know that as far as simply the physical sensations go, you could get off were it a man, woman, or a wet hole in the wall for all that goes. Doesn't make you any less straight, that's just how bodies respond to sensations.

Sure a gay man could have sex with a woman and get off, he's still gay. Sexuality is about a lot more than just who or what you can orgasm with. If that's all it was we'd all be pansexual. Just because you can't imagine yourself doing it, doe not mean your body is incapable of it. If you hand works then so to would anything or anyone else that provides satisfactory sensations.

Saying a gay person might be bi just because they can reach orgasm with the opposite gender is the same as saying you might be asexual because you can reach orgasm with your own hand. That jsut isn't what determine sexuality is about.

Sure what visuals actually arouse us quickly is part of it, but the source of the actual stimulation that brings us to orgasm isn't.
(The message you have entered is too short) Smile
Aloha, that was a very interesting youtube reference. Fun to experience.

Hope you'll understand the limits in place are not bugs but intents and I had a HUGE problem with them at first too because I didn't understand fully and had to learn in bits and pieces both with research and tid bits of tips along the way. Now I understand more fully and have let our creator and benefactor know it would be nice to have an easier experience becoming acquainted with GS because it really is different from most other forums. I now think those differences make GS worth the effort. Hope you will too.
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