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Do you think this friend of mine is BI towards me?
I'm still in highschool and recently I came back to where I was studying before and this friend of mine was still there. For 2 years we had no contact and I didn't felt anything for her for the past years. Everything is just happening so fast and I'm so confused. Here are the signs that she keeps on doing that made me think, gosh maybe she's into me?

- She keeps punching me playfully ALL THE TIME

- I always catch her glancing and even staring at me. Once she was with a group of friends and I went out to throw some trashes and the garbage happens to be at the corner of her sight and when I looked over them, she was staring at me. It was just her while the others were so into their gossips and the stare from her was really different, there was like a spark in her eyes I dont if I'm being delusional but I'm pretty sure it's not like any other stare..

- My hair is not so pretty and straight but she keeps playing with it whenever I have it down

- I had a huge MALE crush before and all of a sudden it got revealed in our class, everyone began to tease me and she was like, "I thought.. It was just me?" But she was smiling and kind of shy and I dont know if she was joking or what but she doesnt seem to be serious about it!

- We used to talk about crushes the day before my crush was revealed and she kept denying that she has someone right now, she kept saying that there's noone that she likes but after mine got revealed all of a sudden she said she has a MALE crush too but the thing is the next day she was like "Oh gosh there he is!" And all those girly stuff that she never did before my crush was revealed but the next day she doesnt seem to care about her so called crush?

- Once she put her arm around me while we were walking (I think it's normal for friends anyway and oh I never saw her do this to anyone else)

- When she has the chance she would always sit next to me, during free times, break times or whenever my seatmate is not there

- She always cheers for me whenever I'm going to present something in our class and everytime I happen to answer at my very best in recitation she's the first one to compliment me

- There's also this genre of music that I like but she never really cared about it, then once I posted on SNS that my ideal type needs to like this kind of music too and the next day she talks about it too?

- On Twitter, my second name starts with "Ly" and her ends with "ea" and then her display name once became "Lyea" It doesnt mean anything as a word, is there a possibility that she made a hidden couple name out of our second names?

Right now I'm still observing her, but for some reason.. It made me sad when she said she has a male crush right now. But why is she being like this? Do you think she is even interested on me or what? Does she likes me only as a friend or more than that? I'm so confused!!

I know this is so long but any feedbacks will be appreciated thanks!

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