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Feeling alone.. :(
Hello, lately I have noticed that I have been pushing my friends away and not hanging out with them. And now it seems I can't get back to where I was with them. Just feel kind of excluded and lonely. Sucks to say the least. It just seems like no one wants to talk. Plus being in the closet doesn't help. Sorry to bore you but i am just venting i guess. Nothing has gone right in my life in quite a while. Cry
Aw Justin Bighug

Get yer arse back in chat! >=o
Thanks Auss. Means a lot. I'm just in one of those moods. I need a glass of wine but it's not on my diet Sad
I've felt that same think before, it passes eventually.
Heya inthecloset,

I was kinda like that before I came out as well, it really sucks feeling like you're starting to lose that connection with people. It's partly out of fear I guess, you don't want people to judge you or be worried about your sexuality, and you end up bottling a lot of things up - which in turn makes you feel less like having fun, trying things, being yourself. It's a tough time of life, but it will only happen once, and you are always inevitably progressing forward.

Talk to somebody close to you, and you might be surprised that your friends are missing you, or wonder what's wrong. They started hanging out with you for a reason Smile x

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