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Funniest Question
Ok, I know I'm not the only one who has been "grilled" by friends and family after coming out, but I want to know what is the funniest or craziest question you have ever been asked after coming out. Mine happened today after I told a friend at work. She was very accepting of it, but one of her first questions was, "Is that why you're into theater? Aren't all gay guys into theater?" And while it sounds very stereotypical, I couldn't help but laugh because she was so serious abou it!
for me it was ... So is that why you like show tunes?

My sister and she was serious
in a friendly conversation with someone at work; they thought there were about 70% gay in the population. got me to thinking how much they knew about nothing.
"are you a crossdresser?" lmao
For me it was a close friend from high school, after I came out to her, the very first thing she said was "But you're so manly, why would you want to be a woman, you would make a very ugly woman". I was completely confused what she meant by that. After a while I finally realized that she thought that all gay men were gay because they wanted to be women and would eventually have sex changes.
I guess all these questions so far just shows how misinformed some people are. Keep 'em coming though' LOL
I haven't had any strange questions like, but it is interesting to read how misguided some people are
"Has mom asked you for suggestions on dresses yet?" Joke from my sister...but she has..

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