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General first date advice?
Hey guys,

I'm still very new to the dating world, especially to that of guys, and now that I'm out I want to start meeting some new people.

I would appreciate some general advice about first dates, if there's any to be given. I know the basics of "being yourself", and "finding things to talk about" etc. but it's the minor things that have got me thinking.

For a guy my age (18 - 19 this year), what would be the best optimal first date location? I know it should really be up to me and whoever I'm meeting to choose, but I don't want to go all out and have a fancy dinner or full on lunch or anything like that. Just something basic and simple - like would a coffee date be the best option? Or for guys my age would it be something else?

Meeting him in person for the first time would no doubt be a bit awkward as well. I suppose I could just shake hands with him but either way that's something else I'm not overly confident in haha.

Other than that any other advice would be much appreciated. I'm sure I can figure out the rest on my own after a few first dates and/or dates in general, but I need a bit of a booster haha.

Thanks guys! x
- katreem
coffee is always a safe option but i find can be pretty boring. If a guy said to me let's go rock climbing or ice skating or bowling i would be much more into him. If someone turns down a first date somewhere exciting that you choose, do you really wanna hang out with them any more? I bf has to be ur mate as well as ur partner....
An activity that involves a public space and is entertaining enough but one that you can end soon in case it doesn't go well.

And make sure you both get to talk in similar amounts..

That's as best as I can come up with, dating isn't exactly my strength
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]
Russian roulette, maybe. Or you could just share some chicken nuggets.
Coffee, dinner, something where you two are just generally hanging out and getting to know each other. And above all, BE YOURSELF.
Air hockey. Or air hockey and bowling. Either way, air hockey. Two very successful dates.
himself Wrote:Russian roulette, maybe. Or you could just share some chicken nuggets.

Oh my god that's actually the best hahahaha

But seriously. I'm gonna have to get a bit more acquainted with rock climbing and stuff if that's really the one way to go for a first date, since I'm not typically an outside/sporty type of guy. I should've probably said that to begin with haha, but there's a few options that could still work.

Air hockey I haven't played in ages, but I did used to be good and it was a bit of fun haha. I can see some good bonding in there somewhere. Bowling too once I get back into it.
I agree that coffee is probably indeed the safest option, but around my age it would indeed be boring.

I think based off the suggestions here it needs to be more of an 'activity' than a 'meet-up dinner/coffee' or something. Activities first for a couple of times, proper 'dates' later.

Thanks guys Smile x
- katreem
Be yourself. Probably the best advice you could get and it applies to a great many other areas of your life as well.

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