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Have you ever felt unlucky in love?
Like I mentioned Boulder is a pretty small thing (at least compared to Denver LOL - talking maybe a few hundreds of people verses many thousands)
Really pretty different experiences but both were cool to see, but yeah both were cool!

If you want I can find the date for Boulder, I have it saved somewhere (I know its a Sunday in mid September .. :eek: just realized thats less than a month away now)
I also have a few videos on Youtube from Boulder last year (and Denver's too).
I do want to go back this year...but at the same time I'm not sure I will.

Actually what you're saying made perfect sense, so you couldn't have been drinking too much Wink Smile
I can totally understand kinda wanting to be seen, especially if there's a chance of meeting someone Cool (kind of a scary thought, but at the same time kind of a dream come true thought)
And deff understand not being alone all the time.

<Using Boulder as an example here> I don't think its so much the chance that some random people might see me (especially since I'm some distance there) besides what's another average face in the crowd? [I know there is always that slight risk that you might see someone you know, but then again they would be at pride too...)
Probably the biggest thing that makes me hesitant is that I almost accedently outed myself to my mother by going to Denver's pride parade (in addition to the festival) this spring. It comes down to the family does not and can never know my deep dark secrets, I have to be more careful.

Going to a gay bar or something, I'm too paranoid for that and the fact I'd have to drive at least part of the way...means if I was to drink even one beer I'd have no way to get home.
One thing I did actually do fairly recently was multiple google'ings to see if there was any sorta gay walking group/club anywhere around me or even in Denver. There isn't anything, but if it came right down to it I'm sure I'd be too afraid to join/attend (as I'd be then be putting myself in true/direct contact with a group of GLBT people :eek: ) At least I got up the nerve to look if such a club existed? right? Smile
I just feel like it is not my it is someone else's turn. We can't all get what we want at the same time. Just be happy for each other and your happy ending (with or without the massage parlor) will find it's way to you soon enough Smile
Maybe thats kinda how I feel - not my time/not ready LOL
But everyone can atleast dream about a (using your words) happy ending to their life story
Kinda interesting.. when out on my normal weekend walk last saturday, at one point I felt just slightly weird walking alone (almost a little bit lonely..don't really know how to explain). Usually I do walk by myself and never feel any lonely-ish-ness .lol. guess it was one of those crazy little things.. Smile

Oh and fr0sty... just incase you wanted to know Boulder Pridefest is September 16
Yes, I met someone when I was in my forties and really have never gotten over it. We both felt a keen attraction but ultimately never acted on it. So is it luck or a lack of courage. Man, I'm sorry about it still.

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