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Hello world
Hello! I'm new here.My name is Andrew and im 20 years old.I'm gay and i'm proud of this thing.Lately i've got some problems.My father gambled everything and i don't have any money at all.I live in a different city then my parents.I'm at college right now.Got a summer job but my salary will arrive on 17-18 september and i'm really out of money and dont know what to do.I asked my friends for money but they won't help me.I dont have any relatives here.I'm desperate. Wondering if any1 is interested to help me with any amount and i can do something in exchange(sky pe shows or i dont know). I dont really know what to do. I dont have food,any kind of money to wash my clothes..i ve tried everything and i dont really know what to do. If any1 is kind enough to help me..i will do anything.. Thanks a lot.

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