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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
...and Bad Ass Annie Lennox...I Need a Man....

And something that isn't properly disco, but Barry Manilow....* I'm your man* Nice promise...

and then for a bit of a laugh, this version:

The best Disco music ever was mede 70´s!
Earth Wind and Fire, Koll and the Gang, Donna Summer, Bee Gees and so on....
Today they sound all alike........ Boring.

Lady Gaga is better than most....
How could I have forgotten Candi Staton.....Young Hearts Run Free was probably the biggest gay disco anthem hit pre Gloria Gaynor (Poor Candi...Gloria knocked her off of her throne)...Candi was great though....

Young Hearts Run Free.....(1976)

...and...When You Wake Up Tomorrow...(1979)....It was the first song I ever played as a DJ....I remember well because I was really nervous...

That´s The Way It Is

Thanks East, there was also a new version done of the Candi Staton song for the Baz Luhrmann film ROMEO + JULIET which I also liked, but can't remember who did it.

I'm going to offer this one:

Baby I Love You - Easy Going (1979)

Voyage - Souvenirs - 1978

and their very surprising KECHAK fantasy which uses Balinese traditional Kechak chanting

maybe some gamelan sounds too... Derek will tell us.
Triple "S" Connection - Dance The Night Away

MY CHERIE AMOUR from the Stevie Wonder song

I loved this New York group too: ODYSSEY
NATIVE NEW YORKER :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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