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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
I'll initiate this thread with something I just found on YouTube, but isn't really, strictly speaking disco but... as an icon of disco, Grace Jones did some really interesting things. Hoping you'll enjoy this thread, please add anything funky and danceable that you've enjoyed or your parents :redface: enjoyed, lol. Confusedmile:


I have a love/hate relationship with Disco. It was played constantly in my house growing up.

Bee Gees Donna Summer......you name it.....it was played. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes not so much. I'd much rather have a loud electric guitar.......but disco's fun:biggrin: Boogie down.


Oh. A disco thread.

Great, another thread i'll never post in.....

Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

This lady is amazing, watch and fall for her.... she was known for her "artistic" antics in the good old days.

part 2 (half way through this bit there is an interesting picture of Grace in Roseland (NYC)


I love Grace Jones...since I ;listened to disco music every night in the nightclub (though we played Rock music too on certain nights) I pretty much kniow every friggin disco song that ever existed and I have a huge 12" single collection because I was a DJ on and off for a long time as well...so I will think of what my absolute favorites are..there is theis guy in Belgium who keeps these charts on Disco Top 500 but haven't seen him for awhile now...

My favorite ever was from Marlena Shaw who did a cover of Touch Me in the Morning in 1979...

Then Viola Wills who has since passed away....another cover....If You Could Read My Mind by Viola Wills 1981

...another great cover by Natalie Cole with Pink Cadillac (Forgot he year...maybe 85-86?)


Late 70s...My favorite all time song to mix in and out of and even just play for 30 seconds sometimes...Bohannon and Lets Start The Dance with the fabulous Carolyn Crawford on vocals (Love that scream)

The sexiest disco song ever....Booker T with Dont Stop


Thanks East, I love the Pink Cadillac one (1988) and don't know the other two... Here's one of my party favourites...

Ladies' Night

and maybe a better HQ version

or an adequate short version

and here's how they can spoil a good thing (some of you might like it) by altering the rhythme that made it danceable...


Never imagined the singer to be African American, or West Indian... don't know, never saw this group on television. We didn't have one at home when I was growing up.

Look at those dandy dancers.... hehehe (elementary dancing and it's kind of kitsch now, which would never do today!!!)... lol.
BOYS TOWN GANG: Can't take my eyes off you


I have too many favorite songs...I know alot of people hate disco music but I always liked it...the only stuff I didn't like was mostly the stuff that was Top 40 radio stuff like the Bee Gees and Donna Summer..

Machine...There But For The Grace of God Go I (1979)

EWF with The Emotions...Boogie Wonderland (1979)

Watson Beasley ...Whats on my Mind (1980)


Give me the night - George Benson (1980) can it really be 30 years????

Urban Legend???? "
The original version of this song said "gimme the knife" but it's a super rare lp. His entourage and him were partying one time having a good night in a Detroit night club, and some crazy lady got drunk and started threatening everyone with a knife. Supposedly George Benson calmed the lady down by singing a little for her and asking for the knife. and thats how the idea for this song came about."
but I like this idea....:biggrin:

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