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How much hate must you have in your heart to do this?
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How much hate do you have to have? @LONDONER A lot, someone who does these sort of acts has no conscience, they're unable to experience remorse, guilt or empathy...and if they do I'd like to as you do how they can live with themselves.
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That's so heartbreaking, wish they would have taken the dog down to the local shelter where it can at least be cared for and hopefully find a forever home
This horrifying event could have been part of some form of domestic violence/revenge inflicted on the owner of the dog.
Not that I’m making any excuses for those involved who deserve the same treatment. 

We need however to face up to the fact some cultures are horrifyingly cruel to animals. It’s about time for instance we in the West stopped making excuses for China’s warm meat market. I experienced an aspect of this a few years ago with an organised tour group in a market just outside of Peking. When the purveyors of 'warm dog meat' spotted a group of us Australians they took great joy in skinning a dog alive in front of us and laughing their heads off at our reactions. 
And we wonder where Covid came from?

And don’t imagine civilised Australians can’t play the same game. When a chef I witnessed male kitchen staff (always male!) pouring vinegar onto live crayfish eyes and giggling at their agony. 

Sometimes I fanaticise an ‘advanced’ alien species will arrive on this planet and inflict similar treatment on us. 
We deserve it.
The Human Race is Insane.
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Totally agree, no consciousness whatsoever.

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