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How to Confront Tall Guys
I'm taking notes guys. Thanks for responding everyone. I really appreciate your advice, encouragement etc.

Thanks everyone - gilhooly, SleepTalker, Posterpicture, dfiant, inchante, orphanPip, Marvin, Waylon7777, Jayd, Rawr and Beht.

P/S: Rawr, did you draw that dinosaur? You should make a copyright out of it. It screams money.
Unfortuantly not :3 I got it off the internet. My dinosaur drawings are a lot better Wink
Rawr, ah okay. It's a cute adorable profitable Dino. I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was in primary school. Memorized a lot of dinosaur names at the time.

Speaking of the Tall topic, I have made a progress. I spoke to a really tall guy in a train today. I was hesitant at first but then decided to just go for it. Had a good conversation about headphones with him.

So thanks again guys. Your advice, encouragement etc. are well appreciated.
hey hey you should be proud of being short, i know how you feel man =D

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