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How to make up with my boyfriend? I'm desperate.
Yeah it happens to most relationships... That's why I appreciate guys who can just shut up when they are mad..

I liked what you said above, if i were the guy and you would tell me all those things, I would probably forgive you..

So maybe give him a letter, and to cool things down, take the initiative to get out and stay in another place...

I am not sure if moving out (even just for a while) would be a good idea.. But maybe your absence would make him miss you..
People say things sometimes in the heat of the moment which they don't mean.
You have apologized and should not do so again.
It seems to me that you are insecure and he is playing on this - not good.
He seems to be reveling in this drama.
Sure, you could do all the things that I mentioned before but he needs to realize that exercising control over you is not good for you or him. It is unhealthy.
He doesn't want you to leave otherwise he would have said so.
No, he is playing a game and enjoying the drama.
I would confront him again as in how long more he is going to persist in this behaviour?
No answer in this case would be an answer.
If he refuses to communicate you should leave. Happiness is about being and trying to be happy, not living in misery.
However you mentioned that you are not prepared to leave. I think he knows this and he has you exactly where he wants you.
You didn't cheat, there was no breach of trust only things said in anger.
That shouldn't lead to the drama it has led to (unless this was not an isolated incident on your part?)

The way forward lies ahead of you - are you brave enough to take it?
Thanks, guys!

I just wanted to update my thread a bit to tell you that everything worked out between my boyfriend and me. Some medical problems arouse for me and that kind of helped us.

Thanks for your opinions!
Anonymous Wrote:Thanks, guys!

I just wanted to update my thread a bit to tell you that everything worked out between my boyfriend and me. Some medical problems arouse for me and that kind of helped us.

Thanks for your opinions!

I'm glad to hear. Sometimes when things like medical problems occur we realize we're human and don't have forever. Try talking about how you'll both react if one of you makes a major muck up in the future, to try avoiding something this extreme from happening again. Otherwise it may happen again...
So he doesn't want to hear you right now. Give him time.

While you're waiting, you could try writing your feelings down. Reflect on how you felt when you said what you did to him and why you feel you said it. This is obviously an issue for him, something you've spotted, a weakness you chose to exploit in anger. He needs to address the matter also as it's obviously something unresolved.

Write him a letter, give it to him or better still leave it where he can see it and read it (alone if necessary if he needs to protect his bruised ego).

I'm sure you'll soon be making up!

Hope it goes well!
Just read the end of the thread AFTER posting.

I'm glad things were sorted out and I hope your medical issue wasn't a serious one!
Well, maybe not very serious, at that moment I was actually ready to give up apologizing and to move out from his house. As I was taking my travelling bag off the shelf, I guess, the quantity of dust on it caused an asthma attack for me and that kind of solved things automatically. I feel happy againSmile
now it sounds like games are being played and that this whole incident will repeat again in the future over something else.

I'm just saying.
I'm glad that things have resolved, but there is no way that I would just let the situation go like that. You said horrible things to him, but IMO giving you the silent treatment for three weeks is way over the top and something that needs to be discussed. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship, and he completely cut off all lines of communication despite knowing that you needed/wanted to discuss the situation.
Ever tried to push toothpaste back into the tube?
That there is like words spoken in spite and anger. We all make mistakes.
You have already apologized , as BA said actions mean more than words, show him you love him with actions.

Here for you.

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