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I'm back
I just wanted to say that this past summer has been busy but really fun, I've been moving in with my partner (it's amazing how much stuff I have, I have like two residences now). We went on a summer trip and stayed in Castle turned men's-only Hotel. But I'm back now catching up on what happenned, Making and reading posts. I just want everyone to know I'm back for good and I missed all of you.

Now is the part where everyone comments on how much they missed me and how deleriously happy they are that I'm back!:biggrin:
Glad to have you back, and glad you are enjoying your partner and the time you spend together.
Hi welcome back. Confusedmile:
XyxwaveWelcome back, we missed you
Nice to see you're doing well Confusedmile: Congrats on moving in with your partner, I hope you guys enjoy the new experience Confusedmile:
Welcome back!
welcome back
Welcome back! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Everyone has been so kind, it's so nice to know that you're missed, I missed all of you too!
My moving in with my boyfriend has been going very smoothly, because I've been spending at least half of my time at his place and already have all the essentials there. It's just unbelievable how much stuff I have!
Enough for two residences. He couldn't be more supportive.
Person66 Wrote:... unbelievable how much stuff I have!
Enough for two residences ...
As a gay man you get to experience the big gay lesbeonic move in. Enjoy!

establish domestic partnership you might discuss putting your name jointly on the utility bills, get 2 joint bank accounts (you dont have to use them) and your name on the rental agreement. This dosnt have much legal standing for anything but one partner often can put the other as a dependent on their health insurance. even if both partners have general health one may share dental.

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