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I'm thinking about getting my ear pierced
After years of wanting one and my parents not letting me get one... do you think I should get one? What should I expect? Like does it hurt? There's a Piercing Pagoda at my mall and they'll pierce your ears for free. So ya think I should do it?
if you wish to follow the crowd go for it my friend
Do it if you wish. I would have had one or more ear-piercings years ago if it hadn't been so damned fashionable and it hadn't seemed such a desperate expression of mid-life panic. For about fifteen years I enjoyed being part of a company that recreated court entertainments of the 16th and 17th centuries. Not only was it a privilege to be able to recreate the beautiful music and dances of the period, but I got to wear a splendid hand-made costume and I always made sure I wore one beautiful jewelled drop ear-ring. I had to use the screw-on type since the clip-ons looked a bit naff and fell off when I danced a galliard or la volta. The screw-ons were only painful for a few minutes and after that my ear went numb.

My youngest daughter, herself a bit of an individual, wanted to get her ears pierced. The rule her mother and I agreed was she could do it when she was old enough to look after it herself while she was getting used to it. At about twelve or thirteen her mum took her to get her ears "done". A year or so later she decided she wanted more holes in her ears and knowing that wasn't part of the deal she decided to go ahead with a diy piercing in her room. I can only imagine what resolve that must have taken :eek:
GO for it!!!!!! I have my ear pierced for the first time when I turned 18. Never regret. Fashionable and cute Big Grin
For me, it did not hurt at all.

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