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I need Help ... Big time.
Okay, i've never done this befor but here gose.

I entered Uni for the first time a few months ago and I met these amazing people their. This one lad keeps giving me bitchy comments (for example, he keeps telling me to shut up followed by a name like gay boy) and he is gay. And i reply back as a joke.

Their is this other lad that I have a crush on, and i have told him on a drunken night, that i had feelings for me. I know he feels the same way, but he dosent want to distroy our freindship as over the last few months we have become really good freinds.

I just dont know what to do? Do you think the 1st lad likes me? And what should i do about the 2nd lad???

Please Help!!!

p.s sorry about the spelling Confused
1st lad's a bitch and even if he doesn like you, he probably ain't worth it.

2st lad...I don't think you should push it, but still, yo ucan talk to him and maybe convince him to give it a try..but if he doesn't want to do it, just keep your friendship and be happy with what you have.

Merry Christmas! :]
Hey, thanks for the advice Smile
have a happy new year Smile
Well for the first guy it would depend on the context he's saying that stuff in, is he doing it in jest? Me and my friends rag on each other all the time but it's rarely serious. The second one's a surer bet, but again it depends on the kind of relationship you have.

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