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I need advice please.
I'm 17 in High School and I'm pretty open with my sexuality. So I've always had a crush on this one kid. He's in my grade. Around last year, last summer he texted me on a TextNow Number (its an app you can use to text people on your iPhone and it hides your number and makes a new one) and he basically texted me saying all of this stuff about how he liked me and how he needed advice. We were texting for a couple hours, maybe like 3? I ended up finding out it was him and I really didn't know what to do. At first I was a little embarrassed and I was extremely confused because he has a girlfriend (and still does to this day) and I couldn't tell if it was a joke or if he was serious. In my freshman and sophomore year I always acted like I hated him because I was still closeted and he was sort of my first guy crush. He always wondered why I hated him and he was the only person who I made it obvious that I didn't like, even though it was really the exact opposite. I guess what I'm really trying to ask is what do I do? I never can get him off of my mind, and whenever I actually do there's something that makes me like him again, even just making eye contact with him in a public place or at school. Its been over a year since the incident has happened and I feel like I should just get over it. Am I falling in love? Or whats even going on... we never talk so I don't get why I have these feelings.
don't do anything .
you have to try and move on

he has a girlfriend , so telling you that he likes you is wrong . and , if he was joking , then that's a pretty mean thing for him to do . either way , this is a situation that will only end with people getting hurt (mainly his girlfriend , although you as well , most likely)
Saying he likes you doesn't mean he loves you or that he feels anything more than appreciation. Maybe it was his way of getting closer, but as a friend. I don't think you should read anything more into it. Keep your hopes up, if you're looking for a companion, but seek friendships first, and eventually love will fall into place. You'll see.

Try not to fall hard for the wrong person (I know this is hard to do especially when you don't know how the other person really feels and it's difficult to disclose emotions) but keep in mind that being open about yourself and your feelings is the best way to communicate what YOU need and what YOU're looking for.

Don't expect other people to be what they are not, that's all. Be realistic and everything should be fine. Good luck, hon and take care of that heart of yours. It's precious!
Another thought is that maybe he's just got a girlfriend to experiment and see what it's like, or as a screen to hide other feelings. Many of us have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt (that never really fit,ha! Wink). Just be patient.
Can you discuss your crushes with another friend or a parent?
Did I forget to say Welcome to GaySpeak, AllenJoel? Confusedmile: Bighug
Okay you said it has been over a year since this has happened makes me think you should perhaps try and forget it. Hard as it may seem, nothing has eventuated since then and he is still with his girlfriend. I'm sorry as I know you really want something to come of this but I think that it would of by now if it was meant to be. I know what it is like to have such a strong attraction to someone and not have anything come of it. Rest a sure because you will definately meet someone soon --- take your eyes off him and look around and meet some new people and perhaps a new love interest!!..........Catfly

All the best with this.....
Life is experiences, you win a few you lose far many more. The best you can do is brush yourself off and continue down life's path and try not to make the same mistakes.

I doubt this is salvagable given the various details here. I think your best bet is to move on and learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them.
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