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Is there a specific sexual category I fall into?
I do identify myself as a gay guy. I officially came out in 2011. However, I've never had a desire for anal sex and was wondering if I was part Asexual or something else?

I don't think suffer from impotency. I do get aroused, I do masterbate. There are some sexual things I've done and enjoy doing like kissing, touching, cuddling, etc. Those things can get me aroused. And I do have desires to date and be in a relationship with a guy.

Once years ago I had a bad hookup experience where i bottomed for a guy. I was aroused when we made out but when we started to do anal I went soft. Before this bad hookup experience I never had a desire for anal sex, and after the bad hookup experience it's remained the same.

So to anyone reading this, since there are many sexual terms out there is there one that applies to me? Is a bit of asexuality or something else?
I've seen several references over the years indicating that 20 to 30 percent of gay men do not engage in anal sex. Other than the relatively recent trend towards categorizing everyone I don't see any reason why you should feel a need to identify as anything other than gay.

I think there is a difference between having no desire for anal sex and being asexual. As Calgor has stated, there are a percentage of gay males that never partake in anal sex. My understanding of being asexual is to have little or no sexual desire at all, even little desire to masturbate.

So from what you've said I wouldn't say you are asexual. You just don't like anal.

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