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Job interview!!!
So i have the interview for my ideal job, at an accountants tomorrow, it's a graduate job.
It's been a long long long time since i had a job interview, and that was for shopwork, not something like this.

So does anyone have any advice? I'd really appreciate it, as i'm feeling pretty scared and nervous about it.
Good Luck!

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Always look professional and arrive early.
dont smoke at all (if you do) and smell good
Thanks Fred, Licious and Too much.

It went well i think, can't really tell though. FIngers crossed!
Good luck, and be confident that if you've got an interview it's because you are a potential candidate. Try to keep things professional. Body attitude could be something to bear in mind. Don't cross body parts like arms and legs because that will look defensive. Keep your feet and legs still, if you can control them, otherwise you'll look a nervous wreck.
Look at your interviewer(s) earnestly as they ask you questions and answer them as earnestly. Take time to answer intelligibly an articulately. Make sure your answers have been heard and understood; Give examples if necessary.
If there is any advice on body attitudes to adopt on YouTube, you may want to look at those just to see what to do and what to avoid. Your body language will say a lot about you. I think it's ok to admit that you are a little nervous. No nervousness at all would mean too confident, or too carefree. The other advice given above also makes sense; Be clean, be early.
Yeah i did all that i think. The one thing i realised afterwards was that i didn't make as much eye contact as i should've probably. Other than that though i think i was ok. Quite animated when i talked, not rigid like i normally am when i'm nervous which was good.

Couldn't tie my tie well though lol. Tried to do a windsor knot... i watched loads of videos on youtube on how to do it, but it just looked like some weird flower every time. And nothing like a tie. Oh dear.
Ah wow, how wrong i was.
Just got phoned up and i didn't get the job. Grrrrrrrreat....
Sorry man. Keep your spirits up and you'll nail the next one! Smile
Dont give up trying though - they could have interviewd a huge ammount of people in this current ecconomic climate m8 -
you sounded like you did everything right so dont let that put you off, you came accross as confident and thats always good...

a thing that is little consolation right now but is a fact for all companys (uk anyway) by law or so im told by my personel dept at work is that when a job vacancy arises they have to advertise it by law !!! even if they already know they are giving the job to someone internally on the firm already..

my factory usually gives jobs to relatives to people who already work there if one applies (not always though) - but they still have to advertise it and put people through interviews...its totally unfair but dont take missed opportunity personly m8 - learn as much as you can from this one and apply it to your next interview - and best of luck

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