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Just found out I lost my wallet
Don't you just hate that? What a nuisance.
That sucks. Maybe there's a good samaritan out there who will find it though.
I seriously doubt it; it was actually stolen right out of my car. I always leave it in there but forgot to set the car alarm this one time. My own fault.
Why do you leave your wallet in your car?
Emiliano Wrote:Why do you leave your wallet in your car?

I hate having a bulge in my pocket. Spare me the lecture. This one time I forgot to set the alarm. My fault for trusting my neighbors.
I hate having my wallet in my pocket. One thing that I ought to get used to is having it in my front pocket, I think it might be more secure there and less annoying possibly...
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

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Boaxy, is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Smile

NativeSon, what makes you think it's a neighbor who robbed you?
I never carry wallet in my pocket either. Neither the keys, phone, or anything too bulgy.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
It's probably safer never to leave anything of value visible (or even anything that might seem to have value - like an empty suitcase or bag). This adventure happened to me a long time ago, but my car window was smashed into and my suitcase was stolen in which there was really nothing of value to the burglar, only some worn clothes, my washing kit and some study books in a foreign language that I had acquired at a price (but which would be of no value to someone trying to re sell them). Since to me, the case did not contain anything of value, it did not occur to me to try to conceal it in the boot. In the end, what annoyed me most was that the books came from a town where the local foreign book shop was (meaning I'd have to drive back there 100 miles and get some new ones - we didn't have the Internet then) and also the fact that they broke into my car damaging it which then needed repairs at my expense. So, it's best to say : don't leave anything visible in a car (even if it has an alarm, that would attract undue attention.

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