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Learning to drive!
It takes a few laps to get used to the foot-work. Then muscle memory kicks in and suddenly switching from manual to automatic becomes the devil. Slamming the brake thinking it's the clutch makes panda sad.
You'll do great.

Oh and as camfer points out: starting on invlines is the devil. You can feel the engine latch on as you slowly release the pedal, if the clutch is at that point, you won't roll backwards as you release the brakes.
Some good advice there. I would emphasise just one thing. Only have lessons with a professional instructor. Don't be tempted to have "practice" lessons with anyone else as they will tell you to do things in a different way, possibly passing on their bad habits, and it will only confuse you. Also, bear in mind that not all professional instructors are the same standard. It doesn't take much to get the qualification. Make sure you're going with a good one. Find out what his/her pass rate is and what other pupils think of him if you can. If you find that his method of instruction doesn't really suit you then find someone else.
Good luck!
Hey, IanSaysHi!
31 here and learning to drive also (non automatic).

(In my country people can not learn to drive with a firend. They MUST go to a driving school and they will be given an auto instructor. You will drive always with the instructor like 2 hours per meeting, 15 meetings in total. You can go, is optional, to the legislation classes, but you can learn at home too... You will have to take an exam on a computer (minimum 22 correct answers from 26 questions given) and then you will have a practical exam with the cop in your right seat. While you are in driving school, you can only learn on non-automatic cars. Only people with disabilities can learn to drive an automatic car in a driving school.)

I finished friday the 5th meeting/driving lesson with the instructor and I managed to make the car mooving OK without my engine die. I know how to change speeds with the stick, can controle the wheel, use the signals, I see the traffic lights or the indicators). What I do not understand yet are the intersections and the priorities...
I did pushed the brake too brutal and the instructor was so close to slash his head Smile) and I did that with my left leg (wich is prohibited).

Looking forward to read your news!
Good luck!
Practice in this when at home

[Image: ce21e90f1974c61b60709a2f21250fbc.jpg]
You should get a private instructor to practice driving a stick.

Then maybe lean how to drive a manual transmission after.. Smile
Boaxy Wrote:.

Master parking, starting on hills, starting downhill, reversing, three point turns.

Best of luck. Smile

[Image: OMG_zpsfd54e805.gif]
IanSaysHi Wrote:Hi all

Kind of a continuation of my 'How are you today?' post, just seeking tips/advice.

So at 32 (almost 33) I'm finally learning to drive (manual, not automatic).

I've had one dummy go in my friend's car around a car park. My first lesson is next week. I just wondered if anyone has any tips or advice, especially in regards to:

1) Co-ordination: I'm a bit rubbish at getting various parts of my body to do different things if I'm concentrating too much. Eg. when I had to brake I just went for the brake pedal quickly without thinking of the clutch, even though in the back of my mind I knew I had to apply the clutch, whilst concentrating on what was going on around me.

2) Knee-jerk reactions: I tended to hit the pedals too hard when I had to react to something

3) I found it hard to take in what my friend was telling me to do whilst concentrating on what I was doing (my priority)

I know this was just a little test session so I shouldn't beat myself up about it, I just want any advice or any success stories from people who might be a bit of a panicker like me Smile
No. You should have learned already. Psychomad (that's the closest thing to a 'fuck off' face that I could find). Also, I can't drive so I don't really know anything. I have tried driving up and down the lane a few times, which was fun. Crashing into things is fun. Do you have an open / deserted space where you can do whatever you want in your car, e.g. is there a big, empty car park nearby?
My advice is, you're mixing apples and oranges.

Learn to drive (rules of the road) then learn how to drive a stick (mechanics and nuances). Doing both at the same time is possible, but setting yourself up for frustration and aggravation from multiple fronts.
Only keep one foot on the break or gas, No need to use both feet
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I was a bit surprised when I went with a friend to the car dealership last month and learned that Honda is no longer making manual transmissions, at least for sale in the USA. It is perhaps just as well for me. I have a manual and I do nicely until my roomie is in the car with me. He is such a jerk of a backseat driver--he sits in the front seat--that I am a nervous wreck so I let him drive and worry constantly becuase he speeds. If I ever do buy another car it will be a Honda and thus automatic.
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