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Live in Liverpool
Hi everyone!
I' m thinking of coming to Liverpool with an exchange programme to live there for some months.
Anyone who lives there or has been to Liverpool?
Is it a nice place to live? How 's life there?
How 's the gay scene?
Thanks in advance!
Where's Vigilias when he's needed most?

Gionish, to the best of my uninformed knowledge Liverpool has the same attractions as any other city (many would say it is better). Substantial parts have been rebuilt and some of the new architecture is stunning. It is certainly a city with an idiosyncratic reputation and inspires fanatical devotion among the faithful.

Here's a link to some scene info, I've no idea whether it is accurate.

It's probably sacriligeous to suggest it, but if you tire of Liverpool, you are only about 30 miles or so from Manchester, which is famous for its gay scene.

If you want to see some of the most extraordinary examples of the English in their native environment then Blackpool is about 50 miles in the other direction.
thanks a lot for the info!

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