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Metal anyone?
Just wondering if there are any metalheads or people who like metal music upon this forum. Motorhead are one of my favourite bands and im seeing them on the 28th of this month Big Grin. I like the classics such as Iron Maiden, Metallica ECT. Sacool
yeah, love it... you gonna get in the moshpit for Motorhead?

think Cutieboy has started a metal thread, there's a social group on here as well you should join ^^

Dillinger Escape Plan, Job for a Cowboy, SYstem of a DOwn, Deftones, RATM... wouldn't want to spam it up here.
Yes, I'm one of the biggest metalheads on here. Matty and then some guy who likes Swedish death metal are other big metalheads on here. I'm mostly into death metal stuff.
iiiii love metal
heres my old list (i have aloott more now)

A plea for purging
all that remains
As i lay dying
Against the tides
asking Alexandria
August burns red
attack attack
between the buried and me
Born of Osiris
Bring me the horizion
The devil wears prada
Eyes Set to kill <------- GET IT NOW best female vocals EVER
For toay
from tomorrow
Greedly Estates
His statues fall
the human abstract
In flames
In this moment
kill the client
killswitch engage
Miss may i
Nevea Tears
Norma Jean
Of mice of men
oh sleeper
Parkway drive
protest the hero
a rose by any other name
settle the sky

im inlove with Techno-core or whatever you want to call it Smile
Sign me up. I used to like the classics myself, but these days I'll rarely ever listen to them anymore. As far as metal goes, I mostly listen to Swedish stuff as well (Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Dark Tranquillity, and In Flames lately), but also Cynic, Amorphis, and Tool (which is barely metal, I suppose).

I used to have a quasi-metal band until 2006; it split and then a joined an alternative/indie one... I've been sort of away from metal ever since. Now that I quit, however, I'll probably be recording heavier stuff on my own again.
Matt take a look at Rock music II thread.
Sil Wrote:yeah, love it... you gonna get in the moshpit for Motorhead?

Nah done that the last 2 times, am sitting this time so I can concentrate more on the music than moshing Rolleyes

But yeah il have a look at the rock thread cheers :biggrin:
Like Hard-Rock/metal as well...but mostly the bit older stuff...

Just a short list:

Def Leppard
Judas Priest the true kings of metal! LOL
Okay, so I was in an admittedly rather crap metal band called Drenalyn about 7 years ago, back before I'd came out. It always used to worry me how people would react to having an openly gay singer in such a male-dominated music scene; there's a lot of casual/joking and homophobia the heavier it gets. Anybody who can't play mathcore trad-jazz metal solos, or growl enough, is a 'fag' or something equally shitty. So I held back on it for a long time and just kept making music. I got thinking about it recently and found this article -

Rocking Out – Male Musicians Straddle the Closet | People, Celebrities, Actors & Profiles Of Gay & Bisexual Men In Movies, TV Shows & Music |

Seems it really is possible...
lol sweet, its nice to see other people who listen to metal, the most recent bands I've gotten into would be All Shall Perish, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Vader, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

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