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My Christmas present is getting me in trouble
First of my bf absolutely loved my Christmas present; I got him a cashmere sweater, with matching cashmere scarf and socks. It fits him perfectly and shows off his body in all the right places. He spent way too much and got me something I always wanted (but I never told him) handmade Italian shoes (boots actually). At least he didn't waste his money on Prada or Gucci, but they're still pretty luxurious.
The problem is that I'm not out to my family (except my mother) and the rest of my family believes that I bought them for myself! My younger (and very homophobic) brother is all "Mom always loves you more.....". And my aunt, who's more like an older sister and harbors strange and insulting beliefs about gay people, is very money conscious, says things like "you have the nerve to buy yourself gifts for Christmas that we can't afford" and both comment about how selfish I am.
What am I to say?
I would have told 'em that a friend bought them for you, but you may not be able to go that route now. Maybe that a friend of yours that works at a shoe store or whatever got you the totally not gay discount? They might want you to get them the hook-up too then, so that could backfire...
best I can come up with though. alternatives include looking selfish to the homophobes (who cares? they sound like self-important twats anyway) or introducing them to your boyfriend.
Tell your family - but only if they ask - that he helped you in a very private case.... you want to thank him and if they ask more tell them that "Explanations are unnecessary" Confusedmile:
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I think the "totally not gay discount" sounds like the best idea so far, if they ask for the hook-up say sorry, it's only available to through immediate friends and that they should find someone else to sponge discounts off of...

Although I really want to say that I feel terribly sorry for you and the situation you're in, and that we're all here for you in case this blows up in your face somehow. It's a terrible shame that we all have to live with that so many people out there are so blatantly intolerant of others.
#5 gave your BF a nice present...maybe it is time to give yourself a nice present and just tell them the truth.
let the rents know you got them at a second hand shop for $45.00
would you be able to tell your bf too?

you are so very lucky, take care.
You've got nice shoes, you are an adult...where they came from is no ones business but yours. Keep smiling in the knowledge that there is a man in your life that loves you enough to treat you like his king and visa versa.

Family is blood, unfortunately you can't choose them, so you just have to smile and nod Wink don't let them get you down mate.
Bless, nice to know he loved the present.
Tell them that there was a Christmas gift exchange at your work and that the person who was going to give to you happened to be very generous.
Tell them Santa brough them.

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