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Need Advice from Graphic Designers
Okay, so I'm dropping the whole psychology thing because after some thinking about my past, my present, what I want from my future, and who I am, I've realized I was merely settling with the idea of psychology.
So I began thinking more, and I remembered something.
My junior year of high school, I took a Graphic Design class. I loved the work but I was unable to finish the class because the teacher harassed me until I cried every class. I ended up dropping out and though I know I would have never been able to put up with the teacher and keep my sanity, I still regret leaving. I loved my classmates and I loved what I was doing!
This memory made me realize I really do love art and I want to do Graphic Design.
I'm currently attending a community college that has a few graphic design classes, and I'm planning on taking them.
What I want to know is what can I expect in the Graphic Design field?
I'm not sure what kinda specific questions to ask, since I'm not completely sure what to expect.
You can work as graphic designers for magazines, web designers, advertisement agency, or you just can be an artist. if you can create animations on 3D, you can work as 3D animator in the company like Pixar, maybe. hahaha
hmm.. my Graphic Design teacher in my college said that she ever worked as a person who creates company's, brands and products logo. you can also use your graphic designing skills on making package.
hmmm I think that's all I could remember. lol

Graphic design is a very competitive field. The graphic industry is flooded with graphic designers left, right, front and back.

If you plan to dive into this field, you need to think 5 steps ahead. What makes you better than the other designers out there? How can you exploit your skills to the limit? How can you outshine your competitors in finding a job? Are you planning to do freelance or work full time for an agency/company?

You have a good start if you are outgoing, has vibrant personality, confident and able to socialize. PR skill can take you miles away.
I found it to be VERY competitive. S much so, that I ended up switching to culinary arts. It takes a very strong personality who is willing to really fight to be heard imo.
Good luck,
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
It really depends on what type of Graphic Design you're speaking of.

I've personally (as a freelance webdesigner), found that getting work isn't really all that hard as long as you keep advertising and building/adding to your portfolio. I do coding as well though, and not just strictly graphic design, so that in itself may be different from what you're speaking of.
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Thanks everyone
But things aren't looking good. I'm struggling a lot in my Math and English classes and I may end up flunking out after just one semester in a crappy community college.
So...there goes my idea of being anything.

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