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Need some advice
Hello! I recently had to guts and started exploring something i should have a long time ago...So i have known for some time that i am gay...i was always attracted by the top/masculine guys and tried going bottom...i managed the cleaning stuff and everything but i coldnt relax myself for a point i started feeling pain even from fingering. I stoped it and i tried it home alone ( the prostate massage). I realised that im feeling the need to defecate more than i feel pleasure. I was going for the anal orgasm but i cant get there even when im alone...i dont really know what to think about this, and cant really find any info about this online. Do you have any advice?
Welcome to the club. Take your time exploring. Which cleaning out works best, what gets your prostate going, how do you want your ass opened up, do you need gentle probing to ‘open’, or are you immediately ready for porn-size dicks, which position do you like best, etc.

The body is no Automat where you press a button and a prostate orgasm is achieved (I wish). Sometimes and/or for some people a lot of excitement needs to build for the prostate to roll out of bed and come play, for others it’s instantaneous (lucky bastards).

Take your time exploring and be open with your sexual partner/s about what you want and need. Enjoy

Being gay is not for Sissies.

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