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Need some advice on what has happened...
I was visiting with my friend and he has mentioned that he likes to do threesomes (him, a girl, and another guy) and he mentions this frequently. He has mentioned that his brother is the same way.

He says that the reason why he wants to do a threesome is that it is his way of making the girl feel like a s*** and that him and the guy would make the girl feel that way. I said that I know that some guys would be into threesomes but that most that are interested in girls would much rather prefer doing a threesome where it would be two girls and them not having another guy in the mix.

Tonight I visiting and I saw a picture of Taylor Lautner on the wall which is where his younger sister must have put it up. I was joking with my friend and his brother walks in the room and the thing about Taylor Lautner came up and my friends brother says yes I would like to do a threesome with you him and me. I didn't say anything to him but it seemed strange that he would say that since I have never talked with him before about it?

My friend has admitted to me that he is bisexual and said that there's a small chance that he would do something with another guy but then now he says that he would never do anything with another dude. He said that he would have to be in a desperate situation if he were to do something with another guy like he couldn't get with girls and all. If that's the case then why all this stuff about doing a threesome with him, a girl, and another guy? I asked a close friend about it to get his take but he just laughed and said I guess some guys are just desperate and will do anything. What are your interpretations? Just so you know I have on;y talked with my friend about the threesome thingy and not his brother so it was a little awkward that he would say that when his brother mentions it all the time.
I would say that he seems to like the attention brought about by saying such things. Especially with this remark about making the girl feel like a slut, I mean, that's just in poor taste, in my opinion anyway. I don't know, if I were in your shoes I think I would just pay it no attention and try not to think about his claims of maybe doing another dude.
A threesome doesn't necessarily mean all 3 have sex with each other. It sounds like they want 2 guys to do a girl together, not have sex with both man and woman. That is this is for straight and bi men, not gay men.

And beware: in my observation, guys who like to degrade women typically like to degrade gays as well.
That whole situation would make me feel rather uncomfortable, but then again I am a serial monogamist and couldn't bring myself to be involved in that way in another person relationship, but I must admit in my youth I wasn't shy about threesomes, but there were never relationships and there was always respect for each other.

As Pix said, degrading someone sexually is wrong, you don't do that to someone you love
I say not to read into it too much. If youre really curious why dont you just ask him yourself? That should help clear things up a little. I cant really guarantee it will make everything perfectly clear though.

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