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Need to speak my mind
I'm getting so tired of politics lately, for many reasons. I just need to voice some opinions, and I don't have many choices for an outlet lol:

I think the final straw was reading an article on Yahoo about Obama's vacation. Almost every comment was saying that he can't be on vacation, that he is the president and he needs to be back at the White House fixing the country. Others were suggesting that he is taking a vacation to rub in our faces that he can afford a vacation and the typical American cannot. Or that if EVERYONE can't take vacations, then HE shouldn't either.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It's getting very tiresome that people are taking everything this president does, and twisting it to somehow be a bad thing. Obama is certainly not the first president to ever take a vacation. He has the MOST stressful job in the entire world; I WANT him to take vacations to clear his head. If he didn't, I suspect that he would have a complete breakdown sooner rather than later.

I don't see these same people complaining that Congress is ALSO on recess at this very moment. Probably because Congress has Republicans. I also don't see complaints about top company executives taking vacations when we can't afford to do the same. A bit of a double standard? Hmm...

I read the other day about Obama's bus tour through three midwestern (north-midwestern?) states. Apparently the government purchased two highly advanced buses... super-buses lol. Total cost: $2.2 million. First of all, I hear that it is appalling that the president is even ON this bus tour, when he should be in Washington getting things done. Of course, meeting the average American and listening to their problems and opinions is a vital part of working on solving their problems. Some have complained that his tour has too much of a campaign feel to it. If talking to people and spelling out his stance on issues constitutes campaigns, so be it. What's the alternative -- not talking about any policy, while telling everyone that he is a terrible leader and that we should all vote GOP in 2012?

Then there's the cost of the buses themselves. Apparently $2.2 million is a ridiculous cost. In this economy, we absolutely CANNOT bear that burden. I find that interesting. When Obama was talking about raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, the complaint from the right was that it would ONLY raise about $700 billion over ten years. That this was nowhere near enough to even begin to solve the nation's problems. So... $700 billion is nothing, but spending $2.2 million is a disaster. I don't know... I'm pretty big on math, but I'm not exactly seeing the logic.

And finally, I'd just like to say something about the rampant hatred that I see. As much as people complain about Obama not accomplishing as much as he should have since taking office, I say it's hard to accomplish ANYTHING with at least half the nation showing him nothing but absolute hatred from the very beginning. People that will dissent from his opinions and policies for no reason other than the fact that they are HIS policies. The GOP is so focused on making Obama a "one-term president" that they have completely forsaken the American people. When making the president look bad overcomes common-sense policy, we have a recipe for disaster. When we have congresspeople willing to let the country default on its obligations and sustain a credit downgrade, the working-class American suffers, all toward the goal of making the president look bad enough that he loses an election in 2012.

But it's not just politicians. I see everyday Americans spewing such hatred towards this man that I'm really taken aback. Many seem to not know much about what really happens in Washington; they read their favorite news website and regurgitate whatever they find there. I'm not claiming to be a political expert, but I DO take my news from many different sources, and form my own opinion based on what I see.

Finally, I can't not mention the race aspect. So many of the hateful comments seem to come from nothing other than a hatred of blacks. As if the color of his skin is somehow relevant to his politics and policies. Not to mention the claims of "Muslim", "socialist", etc. I think that most of the people that call him a socialist don't even know what the word means; they just hear others use it and repeat.

Yes, you may call be biased. I do lean liberal, Democrat. But I wouldn't support a president if I didn't think he was doing a good job (or doing what he's allowed to do, with so many people so strongly biased against him), and I certainly wouldn't speak out against extreme bias and hatred if I didn't really feel that it was happening.

Well, thanks for reading... the two of you who managed to get all the way through lol. I just had to get this off my chest; I obviously have strong opinions about these things, and I couldn't go without voicing them anymore.
Three thoughts. First given security and the entourage, it is plainly cheaper to bring 'average Americans' to Washington than to bring the President to them. Second no President can possibly afford to actually meet Americans who have not been carefully screened to ensure that they will not cause negative, or even merely distracting, media coverage. Third what exactly is it that the 'average American' knows but the President of the United States, with the full resources of the Federal Government, doesn't know? I dare say that the average American knows more about the particular local area he/she happens to live, but as for the rest of the country?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I agree with metalstorm. Obama is doing what he can with the situation we are in. Bush left the country in shambles so of course its going to take time to get things back on track. Republicans are doing whatever they can to make Obama look bad. Republicans fight him on everything he does even when it helps the country, because they just want a Republican back in office. I cant believe some people are actually buying into this.

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