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Negativity about Foot Fetishes
Ok, so I have this foot fetish. For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to feet. Love to look at feet, love even more to touch, rub and play with feet, love to run my tongue all over a hot guy's bare feet and toes. Don't know why, but it just does drives me wild like nothing else.

I've noticed that when I mention it to guys, especially guys on dating sites or apps, they either really back off from me or even downright nasty and hostile about it. I don't think it's anything to get that freaked out about. I've heard the usual "feet are gross, nasty, dirty, etc" arguments, but seriously, is sucking some toes any worse than rimming an ass??

If someone's not into feet yourself, that's fine, but why would so many guys be so negative about it? It's not like they have to do anything with MY feet (although they're welcome to...) I am the one with a fetish for THEIR feet... Why not let someone who wants to service theirs? What have they got to lose?
Well, I for one have a foot phobia. I don't want to see anyone's feet or touch anyone's feet and I'm even MORE uncomfortable when it comes to my own feet seen or touched. However, I think I'm a little weird in that respect and I don't think most people are as extreme as me.

Foot fetishes I've noticed are pretty common in the fetish world, though I can tell by your experiences that probably doesn't seem true. Just make sure it's not one of the first things someone knows about you. I wouldn't get discouraged even though you might've had some bad luck. You usually gotta sift through a lot of people especially on dating sites before you find someone you're compatible with.
Probably the most common fetish. Now I understand IF the guy has toenail fungus, bad callouses or some other reason to be very self conscious of his feet and, doesn't want anyone looking at, much less touching them but, otherwise feet wash the same as the rest of the body so are not any dirtier than hands, knees, butts or chests.

I do think there is a reason for the reactions when you put it on dating profiles. Same reason I get very negative responses if I put any of my kinks on mainstream profiles, or bring them up too soon with someone I've recently met. ANY Fetish is thought of as Kink, and Kink equates to freaky, weird, abnormal, etc... for a lot of people.

Once someone knows you, it's easier for them to accept your kink and know you aren't any of those negative things, but when you want a mainstream (Vanilla) relationship with just one or two fetishes or kinks involved, it works better to not announce the fetishes and kinks until the person knows you a bit.
Rimming and sucking feet are pretty much the same nasty thing in my books.

Mind I usually refrain from telling people I think either is nasty, I tend to be more diplomatic about the matter. I am a polite and civil person - usually.

The foot is considered dirty because its in contact with the ground/floor. Everybody knows that the floor/ground is dirty. Yes even that hard surfaced floor you have just bleached clean, still dirty, thus anything that comes in contact with it is also dirty - like, um, I don't know - feet?Wink

In truth our modern society is obsessed by germs. The majority of people are nearly obsessive compulsive about germs, thus we have all of these antibacterial cleaners, soaps and mothers who won't allow their babies to crawl outside in the grass because of 'The Germs!'.

The propaganda and fear is sowed daily in advertisements that sell these products over the top. Yes the kitchen counter is covered in germs, yet at the same time your nose is covered by more germs per square centimeter than your kitchen counter (Shh don't tell, or some company will come up with antibacterial nose cleaner).

But feet have been considered 'dirty' for thousands of years, back then because with dirt floors and wearing at best sandals, the feet turned a bit black from daily walking.

Islamic communities consider it extreme rudeness to sit down and cross your legs and point the sole of your foot/shoe at a person. It is the same 'anti-dirt' thing going on.

Yes many will run screaming from you when you announce you enjoy feet. Yes many will be more polite and just stop talking to you - its out of fear that you will some how force them to worship feet or pick up nasty germs or something.
People usually act weird when it comes to sex. You get my drift.. everybody does it, yet, you can't really talk about it (too much) and you can't really admit that you deviate from the standard 'having sex in you bedroom in the dark in missionary pose' sex.

So when it comes to kinks/fetishes, they usually freak people out. So it's pretty much what Blue said - it's all about timing. If you have a thing for feet - so what? Unless you announce it before the main is served on your first date, it's not a biggy. Surprise someone by saying it too soon and voila - it will scare guys off.

I consider myself open minded, but I would feel uncomfortable if something like that would come up too soon. Not because your feet fetish would freak me out but because I'd see it as inappropriate thing to say given the circumstances. Take it slow and be subtle and I won't mind about such fetish at all.
Exactly Ind, if I we met say in a club and I said "Hey, you seem like a cool guy, You've got a great body and I have condoms, want to go play?" You'd probably either tell me no politely or agree and we'd go find a room.

But if I said "hey, you have sexy feet, can I suck your toes?" You'd probably give me an "Eww- weirdo" reaction and leave me standing there.

However, if we got to know each other and, I started kissing your feet while working on your feet as part of a full body massage, you probably be fine, and might even think it was cute, romantic, showing dedication, care, it tickled etc... and be okay with it even if feet really weren't your thing.

It's all about the timing and how you present your kink to your partner or prospective partner.
MT94 Wrote:I've noticed that when I mention it to guys, especially guys on dating sites or apps, they either really back off from me or even downright nasty and hostile about it. I don't think it's anything to get that freaked out about. I've heard the usual "feet are gross, nasty, dirty, etc" arguments, but seriously, is sucking some toes any worse than rimming an ass??

Just out of curiosity, is it common for men to be fine with the idea of rimming an ass but not sucking on toes? :confused:

If so, then I have to admit that doesn't make sense to me either.
In my experience it's about equal but, more seem tho think being gay means you have to rim, like it or not so, not as many speak up that they don't like doing that.
I don't think i have the right to say anything about anyone or their choices. I'm 16 so you don't have to listen me either. But i know few things about human anatomy. Feets are actually one of the least gross things in human body. And i think peoples doesn't wanna show or talk about them because its kinda your private place. Feet is a very common term. But accually its generally in your socks or shoes. Like your genital under your pants. When you think about it, you can understand human psycology. You just have to make them comfertable to talk about it. I never talked anybody about my private part and im sure if someone says doing something unusual with it i would find it disturbing too.
Actually Rumble, you have pulled in a few good points.


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