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New and need your advice
Thanks Bobin Tampa,

I always feel good about being honest and when people accept you for who you are, that feels so good. Hopefully, I will meet great people.
All I have to go by is what you posted. Reading that I would say you are bi but, lean heavily toward being gay and, seem to think you would be happiest with a man over a woman. Now that may also simply be that you are in fact gay and would enjoy being both a top and a bottom as I do.

I mean women generally lead to the concept of being inside your lover when you are waking up to where your sexuality really is and men equate to someone being inside you. Both and more are very possible, even probable for us (gay men). Only you can answer whether you are bi leaning to gay or just gay and either is normal, healthy and right.

Whatever your sexuality there is no reason to feel ashamed or guilty over it, that is simply how you are put together and, how your mind and body knows it's supposed to work for you.

As others have said safety first.

I don't do one night stands, did 2-3 times when I was younger but, haven't in a decade or more. I was in a relationship until a few weeks ago, okay honestly a year ago but he still lived with me until a few weeks ago. (Long story for another topic)

With safety and health being major concern, I think it's wise not to do one night stands. I also prefer bareback so, I need to be very careful if I am going to do that. Even when I do find a long term partner, I use condoms until I see two clean tests (and provide the same for my partner). Used to be penicillin would cure it, now it might kill me and, I'm not taking that chance.

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