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Nude sunbathing
I was recently sunbathing nude in the toronto beach area (it's not a designated nude beach but it is very out of the way) and I was wondering if there is a slang term for sunbathing in the nude in a non-sanctioned area?

If there isn't there definitely should be one! Any suggestions?
Never gave it much thought as I am originally from San Diego, Ca and we have Blacks Beach there, History is that was the beach for the black servants from La Jolla Farms, hince the name, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
I'm not familiar with what it might be called either. I'm kind of wondering now myself. Have you tried to look it up on the net?
I found one on ODPS, "Tansie"
I would assume it to be skinny bathing! Or skinny tanning! lol
lol, I've heard about that beach, I live in tdot but have never been! I've heard its a tad scary Big Grin I love the islands though. As for your question, I have no idea. You should totally make one up!
If the cops catch ya it is called indecent exposure.
The nude beach on the island rocks. Me and my BF like to rent out one of the two seater bikes and visit the beach. So many cute guys...

But I think stravis was talking about some other beach. The trial to Lesslie's Spit is a fun place to walk...Wink As it Queen's park (at night) and the Steam Works.

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