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Parents. Need Help/Advice
Aww I'm loving the warm reception I'm getting here <3
To answer about which "Asian" I am, I am mix of both Chinese and Cambodian (or Khmer). My parents aren't from China; actually Cambodia, but they grew up with Chinese along with Cambodian upbringings. Especially my mom since she's the most Chinese out of all of us. When they came over to the US and met each other and had me, they also brought their culture along as well.
Just stay strong. Your parents will come around.
SleepTalker Wrote:Just stay strong. Your parents will come around.

That is the optimal outcome and what one would hope for, but unfortunately it doesnt always happen that way. Wether they "come around" or not, you have to establish your own selfworth independent of their feelings. I wish you the best.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
It's not gonna get any easier from here now. But I have to say you have great courage to come out at the age of 16. Bravo.
I am an Asian too, and I can see the difficulty you are facing. Asian families tend to highlight boys as symbol of breadwinner in family and the instrument to ensure offspring to keep the family tree blossoming.
Tradition is good to some extent, but mankind live to adapt and survive, we have been evoluting for decades. If only the society mindset would gave changed as well.
But luckily, your sisters accepted your true nature without mayhem.

I say you need to knock off all bad thoughts of the gays from their minds. Gays are born this way to be attracted to men, we didn't choose, in fact, we don't have a choice, we can't decide.
If they hate the gays, I suggest they should hate themselves because straight people are the one keep making gay babies.

I wish this would be over for you soon. Meanwhile, I suggest you keep this topic understated at your home to avoid heated arguements. Maybe this is a good time for you to seek support from your friends coz you'll be needing some love.
AlaricXY Wrote:straight people are the one keep making gay babies.

I love this comment, everthing else you said was right as well, but this is a fact that not many people actuallt take the time to really think about and see the reality of this. Well said
Met a youngman from seattle who had to have the courts break ties with his family an imancipate him at 16, 2 lesies let him move in and he went on to start a gsa at his hgh school as well as becoming the spokeperson for glsen, in washington state, I still follow him on twitter and facebook amazed at what one can do with determination, so if you get a helping hand who knows what you will become, Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
There are lots of good comments in this thread. I would add that as much as it hurts that your parents don't accept this and clearly have huge problems about it, try to remember that it doesn't mean they don't accept YOU. It's homosexuality they don't accept and there IS a difference. I think sometimes that there's a little too much emphasis in present society that states that anyone who doesn't accept homosexuality is horrible, discriminatory, etc. While this is basically true on one level, I think it's important for people to remember that for many of those people who are against homosexuality, it's a deep-rooted thing that they find very hard to change. It doesn't mean they're bad people each time - it can just mean that they've been conditioned in many ways too numerous to mention here.
One of the BEST ways to make someone like that change IS to have one of their friends or family be gay. They might not accept it at first, but over time, their attitudes DO change. Sure, in many cases, the attitudes don't change, but when they do, it takes time.
One thing you will eventually show your parents whether you try or not is that their idea of what a gay person is, is stereotypical. As you said, you don't "act gay" etc. They will eventually notice this!
I would say try to keep a balance of not arguing with them about it at every turn, but at the same time, not allowing yourself to be trampled upon too. One thing that does NOT help people accept gays is to have it shoved in their faces all the time, so go easy - and then again, of course they need some exposure to it! So my idea is: balance!
Good luck!

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