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Pets dressed like people.....
Not sure if this is a debate or chitt chatt....

But it makes me furious. It's not cuuuuuuuute, as we are wont to hear here in Miami, it's actually abusive to the animal. The only person it does anything for is the owner who gets to bask in the adoration of the Paris Hilton wanna bee's who think it's ok to dress a dog up in a jacket and shoes...(yes, I saw them yesterday).

While I'm at it....little doggy push buggies (trams) are also rediculous. They're dogs...let them walk!! Maybe this is totally irrational, but I see it so often here and it makes me want to run up and slap the owner. They're dogs...dogs, dogs, dogs.....Have a babay if you are so desperate to play dolly with something, but don't mess up some poor animals psychi for your own gratification.

Ok, I feel much better now :eek: :redface: Laugh1
I have to agree - I think it's really insulting to the machismo of animals that are already suffering (like those tiny little chihuahua-stylee dogs that posh girls are always seen carrying rather than allowing to walk ... the kinda dogs that get pedicures every other week, and live about 10,000 times better than the average human being) from being weedy, to dress them up like little people ...

There's nowt queer as folk Wink.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I hate it too... I think it looks ridiculous and I reckon it just makes for a more spoilt, and less well behaved pet.

One of my work colleagues.. a dog trainer no less.. has a Chihuahua and buys clothes for it and has one of those prams. She thinks its 'cute' - I say its stupid!!

She has a load of other dogs too that she doesn't 'play dolly' with, and from the way she talks, they're much more well trained and behaved.

And she goes and buys all this stuff... which at the end of the day is completely worthless... yet's she's complaining about not having enough money to do x, y & z that IMO, are far more important things to worry about than what pathetic outfit you can buy for the lil ankle biter.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
Exactly !

It's not like a tiny pooch is going to start talking because you buy it a suit ...

... and when you think of what better use these people could put their money to, not that it's any of my business how they spend it obviously, but if I thought my spending had come at the cost of my longer-term happiness I think I'd be a bit miffed with myself ...

... now, where did I put that copy of Assassin's Creed :redface:.


Ok ok, I'm as bad as anybody for frivolously wasting my cash, but DAYUM !! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
They treat pets like a fashion accessory , a hairy little head that pops out of their bag... i think it is embarrassing for the owners. I cant take seriously people who do that. Paris Hilton's dog killed it self in a South Park episode.

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



I'm sorry this makes me laugh. I agree to an extent.

My oldest cat Catfish loves his collars. If he doesn't have a collar on and he sees one of the others does, he will go over and jump on them. He dragged one of my cats by his collar around the house until it slipped off.

He also enjoys his witch hat that he wears during halloween. He walks around and sits in peoples laps and proudly holds his hatted head high.

Now do i dress him in clothes? No. Would I? No. But he has several collars he gets to wear and his holiday hats. If ony I could find a little hat for Hannukah. I fount this lovely collar at target with a star of david on it.

Some dogs enjoy the attention associated with the clothes. If they enjoy it, who cares. If the dog looks miserable, that's when it becomes abusive.
Hee hee,

I just find it irritating beyond belief. I guess I should just Zen out....but ti makes me so angry. it's 90 degrees here and people have their little dogs in sweaters. Of course a dog loves attention, but it can get the same attention as a DOG...not as some kind of missing link creature.

I find it abusive, especially, as has been pointed out, most of these dogs are under trained and live in this limbo of not quite dog not quite person.. I just see it so often here and it's so silly and gets under my skin!
In the 7 years working with animals, I rarely have had much problems with those that wear clothes.

I mostly have issues with those that don't socialize their dogs with other people. If I get one more person that says their dog doesn't bite and they don't want a muzzle on their dog when the dog is TRYING to bite me and growling, I'm gonna slap them.

The ones that have clothes on them tend to be the dogs that go out for walks and meet everyone. They tend to be the easiest to work with. I have yet to see any true ill effects of this type of behavior.

But to each their own.
double post
Ive never seen a pet in clothes.. Although my bunny has had reindeer antlers on Rolleyes
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I learn to love it more and more.

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