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Possibly moving, need advice!
Been thinking about moving for financial reasons. Philly is great, but it seems like other areas pay much better. However, with that said, here comes my question: what cities are known for strong/cohesive gay areas? Philly and NYC have very strong gay neighborhoods, but having been to Boston multiple times I don't get the sense that it has a very central gay area, and I've heard similar things about Pittsburgh.

I appreciate that us gays are becoming more and more accepted across the globe, but moving to an unknown City it certainly does have its perks for that city to have a predominantly gay area.

Any advice? Also, any websites out there which might be helpful?
Not sure I can be of help but I did a simple google help with your research. Good luck sweetie!
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I'm going to Arlington soon and with DC right across the river...but the cost of living there is nuts.

Atlanta would be my pick for cost of living, weather and opportunities.
Since you mention this is about financial reasons, be careful about moving to where the rate of pay is higher, because often that means the cost of living is higher. For most people, housing is the biggest monthly expense and moving to a place with high rent can sometimes more than eat up the increase in pay you got by moving to a certain city. And the type of neighborhoods you are talking about often means a lot of $$$.
Most large cities have their gay ghetto.

However you mention money.

The Bay Area here in California provides a huge chunk of jobs, the people live in the 'bedroom communities' further east in Tracy, Stockton, Livermore - etc. Up to 100 or so miles away people will commute to and from the Bay, the City (San Francisco) in order to reap the higher pay, yet pay less just by living further away in communities where the cost of living is lower.

The second time I lived in San Francisco I rented a studio apartment for some ridiculous amount - 100 miles east of SOMA San Francisco the price for a two bedroom house (rent) was on par to what I was paying for a one room, one bath 'loft'.

So that gives you some idea about the differences in cost of living.

The cost of living in the Casto (San Francisco's Gay District) is much higher than other parts of San Francisco.... I would imagine the same applies to most gay districts where you are literally charged extra to associated with the gay district.
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Check out Minneapolis, Madison WI, Milwaukee, St Louis, Dallas Ft Worth,

My guy and I are planning on going to Pensacola FL for their big gay Memorial Day weekend Beach party in May... in the process we've made some friends ---- all who have moved there from other bigger cities because the cost of living is so affordable and it's so gay friendly. Lots of ESTABLISHED gay owned businesses there. Lots of rich gays there too. Party promoter/bar owner/ hotel owner Jonny Chisholm picked there as his home instead of near his bars in South Beach, New Orleans or other places. That has to mean something. We'll find out.
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I have some vacation time left with my current job, I plan on using it to check out a few of the cities mentioned here. Ideally some place with something to do, after all, it is vacation.

I like the idea of a "gay ghetto" (or as I prefer to call it, a gay village) because it is easier to meet people. Considering that I likely won't be familiar with the city, it just makes things so much easier at first. I think I will check out NOLA or Atlanta first. What neighborhoods should I visit (again, gay village...sight seeing I will look up).

As far as the pay/cost differential. Here is an example: Boston actually pays about 2/3 more than what I get paid in Philadelphia. But living in the Gayborhood of Philadelphia vs downtown Boston is not terribly different in cost. What I'd make in a more remote locale would be higher but you can lose the perks of a major city.

Just curious: do places like Omaha and Kansas City have large gay populations? I always think of the west coast and the east coast.
Kansas City has a pretty decent gay population. But you'll want to look at WHERE in Kansas City. The Westport area in Kansas City, MO is where all the gay people and wacky people go hang out. It's my favorite place to be.

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