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Random Ramblings
Okay, so this week had been hectic but I haven't been able to touch a single thing I had planned. But despite this, I feel quite content with how this week went. I'll just go through the week with interesting highlights.

Last Friday: Picked up my friend Jasi from school and "moved" into her house for the week. I needed a break from my family creatures, whom do nothing but frustrate me. We had a movie marathon, that's about it.
Saturday: More movies, music, and running Halloween errands. Got patterns and fabric and stabbed my prom dress with kitchen knives.
Sunday: Painted obviously fake blood on the stabby holes on my dress, ran more errands including spending two hours at the library, working on homework and barely making a dent in math. Got my English project on Shawshank Redemption started.
Monday: Took Jasi to school with me along with an aloe plant for the teacher I REALLY like, Brandon. Jasi referred to the plant as a pink elephant since, despite being the smallest from the garden, was still quite massive. We helped take the aloe to Brandon's car, where we sat and chatted for a while, and where I sprained my ankle by tripping over those concrete parking blocks.
Tuesday: Went to several halloween shops, looking for long ladies spats and anything else of interest. Lots of disappointment. Mainly hobbled around as well, ankle hurt a lot. Kept my ankle elevated the rest of the day and got really bored from lack of being able to move.
Wednesday: Took Jasi to class again. Brandon told how we can use our religious affiliations to help set goals. He's wiccan and used tarot cards and runes as examples. Students got pissed and now he's in trouble. Jasi and I spent the day texting him, helping him relax.
Thursday: Went to a street fair, using my favorite wooden cane to keep weight off my ankle, which still hurt. Ate a lot of awesome food, including half a dozen fresh doughnuts each, a foot long corndog, and some rather disappointing french fries. Went into a happy food coma for the rest of the day.
Friday (today): Not feeling well so came home and slept for most of the day before going back to the fair and getting a pulled pork sandwich, better fries, and some of my mom's bloomin' onion. Went back into a food coma afterward and had weird dreams. Woke up and FINALLY started the drawings I've been wanting to work on all week.

What I meant to do all week:
Draw and write
Didn't get the chance to do any of this
But like I said, my week was still quite interesting
My ankle doesn't hurt as much but it does still ache a little

How have you all been?

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