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Really messed up - need help
Hi I am 26 and just recently came out and I really need advice and help.

Basically I feel like I have gone nuts. I hid this for a long time and then decided to be open about it and I've told everyone. But then I started being really extreme - going to gay parties all the time, getting really drunk, having sex.

At a party on the weekend I got extremely drunk and started dry humping and making out with guys and then I went home with a guy and had sex. I don't even recognize who I am anymore and I feel like people who know me don't want to hang out with me because of my constant drunkenness and horniness.

It's so hard to explain this and how I feel. I know the obvious solution is to stop drinking and just stop being so extreme. I know I probably sound like a total idiot right now. But people I know have told me the way I have reacted to this is actually perfectly normal - many people react extremely crazy after they first come out.

Please someone tell me if this is normal or not. I feel really really depressed about what I did this weekend.
I can understand why you don't feel very proud of yourself at the moment, but many people do some very odd things around the time of coming out. For me it was as though I gave myself permission to feel again and I felt that I simultaneously experienced decades of unexpressed emotion. It was very unsettling and pretty awful for the poor man who had to put up with it.

Whatever you end up doing don't forget you only need to make one error of judgement so ... safe sex ... okay?!!

Things did settle down for me after a while and I'm sure they will for you too.

Good luck.
Perhaps you're just in a promiscuous mood all the time because you came out and now you just want to prove to the people around you that you're gay because sub-consciously you think they don't believe you.

What you should do is step back, sit down, take a deep breath and let it go and then ask yourself what's going on. Be in touch with your mind.

And by the way, welcome to GS!

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