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Relationship advice
Maybe we could discuss retroactive Jealousy? My bf currently is mean and hateful and grumpy and depressed a lot...and I see pictures of his past ex's and he looks so happy and is DESTROYING any and all esteem I have and I hate bringing it up to him. /sigh why do I get this version of him? The logical explanation is its my fault. that I'm doing something wrong... its a cause of a lot of depression and anger for me.
have you bothered to ask him why exactly is he grumpy and depressed?..

why do you assume it's because of you and not some other issue unrelated to you?

calm down, forget about the jealousy, don't make rush assumptions and ask him about it..

if he says something like "yes, I hate your guts" then find yourself another guy..

if it's something else, you can try and help him with it..

if he says it's his problem, let him know it's affecting you too..

communication...(a calmed one, please, don't go and accuse him of this or that) is the key to any healthy relationship..

bets of lucks
Show an interest in how he feels , just ask him if he is okay.
Communication is dangerously underestimated .
I couldn't agree more with the other poster.

If you cannot communicate with him you have no relationship so I would explore that avenue to begin with before getting myself into a knot.

That will get you some kind of answers and will help you to proceed with more certainty.

I hope it works out :-)
Also, I need to point out that you based a lot of your comparison on pictures of him..

a picture is but a moment, a second, smiles can be faked..

you can't know for sure if he was indeed bubbly and happy with that past reationship..

just saying

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