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Relationships through Grindr

What are your opinions on forming relationships through Grindr? Do you think it's possible to get a romantic relationship out of this smart phone app?
My personal opinion is finding romance on the net or through other cyber devices just don't work.

tho finding romance can be bitch anyways. I think just being confident helps. Or pretending to be confident. The amount of guys I'v possabily missed out on due to not being confident is probally more than I think. and same with you probably.
Grinda isn't really for a relationship, most are there for a root...I don't suppose it's impossible to find a relationship on that type of service, just very unlikely.
Yeah grindr is well how to best describe it..... a long range gaydar app? Its more for finding a trick or a good time. I'm sure people have developed relationships after using it to find people but I'm not sure if that's it's intended purpose. : '
Personally I think Grindr is more for sex hook ups rather than finding a long meaningful relationship. Although I do think it is possible to find love on dating websites (preferably the ones which screen the applicants)? don't be in such a rush, have fun being single.

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