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Said I would post a happy story after the weekend!
Well, I met a really cute, VERY nice guy about two weeks ago and Thursday before last we met in Asheville. It was really fun and we had a great time! We went went to Olive garden, got some coffee from Starbucks then ice cream, we couldn't find much to do so we went to the mall and walked around and talked. After we left the mall we drove around a bit and got lost then found a movie theater. Big Grin We caught Frozen a bit before it started and about 20 minutes in I asked him if he would like to hold hands, which he did and afterwords we just drove around a bit more before I dropped him off at his car. We hugged and talked a bit, and started to kiss but I wasnt completly sure he wanted too soo hugged again and I told him next time would definitely have to kiss him Smile. Soo on the way home I got a text saying he really wanted to kiss, but didnt ask because he was afraid to push my boundaries so I mentally kicked myself all the way home haha.

Well a bit about the guy, he is about to turn 22, works in a hospital and goes to school.
I originally seen him in Scrubbs and thought, wow, cute! Smile. Well this weekend he got off work soo we hung out ALL weekend and today at my place! Big Grin
We ate a ton of unhealthy food, stayed up all night watching horror movies and playing video games (of which I got my butt promptly kicked) went for a walk, showed him my campus and today we drove around the scenic tour of the mountains and got sushi! Big Grin
Came home and there was a flock of turkeys in my driveway just strutting around and they let me drive right up to them Big Grin (this was not normal) but soo cool. Then we kinda snuggled for about 2 hours on my giant fluffy lovesac (no pervert its a like a super beanbag thing) and both joked around about him just staying hahaha. Things are awesome! Big Grin, I just thought I would give you guys a happy story to start your week off well Big Grin.
So my cupid-chickens were at work were they :p

…but why did they send turkeys :confused:
I only have one thing to say to that...............

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTisVmQsrGRmbIJl_j5TPB...tALPLLg320]

HerzHerzHerzHerzHerzHerzHerz Xyxwave
Jovial Wrote:So my cupid-chickens were at work were they :p

…but why did they send turkeys :confused:

Why indeed...? O well, was still cool they thought about us! Big Grin Tell your cupid chickens im grateful! Big Grin
SilverBullet Wrote:Why indeed...? O well, was still cool they thought about us! Big Grin Tell your cupid chickens im grateful! Big Grin

Honestly, I don't know if its just me alone, but I swear every time I read "Cupid Chickens " I read it as "Stupid Chickens" . Mi never did a tink :I

Lol, but obviously animals is not stupid tho :3

And congrats gurl on your new Husssssssband <3

I'd like to be the bridesmaid or maid of honour. I'd settle for flower gurl, but there's no guarantee them flowers won't end up in my hair :p
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

Really cool, hope it continues. Thanks for sharing...
That story gives me hope… although to be fair, im not looking very hard.

Good for you… sounds like your both on the same page, nice story Xyxthumbs
........kind of releiving to hear this sort of thing can actually happen..

you have left a warm feeling in my lymbic system..

one word: enjoy

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