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Seeing a guy that's 24 yrs older than me.
I have nothing against the age difference at all, just that I want to make love all the time and it seems like he's always tired. I understand that he works, but I do too. Can it be that he's just too old or is it that he's not as sexually active as I am? I'm sick of hearing how my friends are having the best sex ever while I'm stuck with Milton tasting wine. Any suggestions?
Younger guys, particularly in our age group, have very active sex drives. Over time, the sex drive wanes. Maybe you can find out what turns him on the most. For me, cuddling, making out, and some foreplay almost always get me in the mood. Try any of those. Maybe he is more inclined to have sex in the morning, so try that. My bf particularly likes sex after cuddling and a nap, and he's only 23. So you could try that. Take a short nap with him in the afternoon, and maybe wake him up by touching him.

Another thing, how long have you been with him? If it hasn't been very long, he may still have some reservation to being very active. He could also not feel very attractive for some reason or another. So just let him know that you want to have sex and tell him how attractive he is. Be genuine, don't nag and don't sound fake with the compliments. Over time he may be more open to sex more often.
Hi Harry
It is differant gor all of us I yes sometimes it is difficult to keep up with my young friend sexually, our record is 4 an a half hours before climax, I am not the man I was when I was younger, but there is more to a relationship than sex, Jim
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
I dated a guy who was 20 years older and had the same problem. It's just that we at our age have much more sex drive. but still, I'll always be seduced by older daddies :biggrin:
Anyone can have a low sex drive regardless of age. When I was 39 I had a 23yo partner that couldn't keep up with me. Some people just have a naturally low libido, some people lose their libido over time...others are ravenous for a good shag all or most of the time.

The most important thing in a relationship is love and respect, have those and the lines of communication are always open and you can talk about these issues and perhaps come to a solution that will suit you both.
lo or hi sex drive maybe? with that much difference expect possible attitude differences. i mean whats important, where they put effort into, long range stuff.
Hah age doesn't mean anything in terms of sex drive, I still average 3 times a day with having to take care of things myself. Tongue Being healthy makes the difference I think. Encourage him to start eating a bit better and some mild exercise like walking for 45 minutes or so.
Yeah i think you should try some foreplay. That will prob get him in the mood. I too have a crazy sex drive. I can barely go a day without thinking about sex. Its really awkward when youre at work and you pitch a tent.
well older guys may or may not beable to preform lots of the time but history says we get les and les into sex as we get older. how ever thats not the rule it depends on the guy some guys just want to be close and cuddel but hormones in younger guys drive them relentsly to more and more and it is hard to supress the desire. But in my case i like emotonal love and physical love you can try to find emotional love and
see if that helps but usally finding someone that is compatable in desire and appatite is a better mach for you or talk it over with your lover and if it is not necessary perhaps an open relationship would be your thing
If he's tired after work, I'd try massaging him. Massage his feet. Have a shower together. Get him relaxed. Dry him off with a towel. Lie down together and see what happens. It doesn't have to be sex, but it might lead there.

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