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Seeing a guy that's 24 yrs older than me.
I'm kind of surprised that you're surprised that you think a man 24 years older than you dosn't have the sex drive of a person 24 years younger!

Look, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't enjoy the safety and security (emotionally, financially, etc) that comes with dating an older man AND then ENVY the multiple-love-making-sessions your peers have (tho they dont' have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of).

What worries me most about your post is when you said, "I'm sick of hearing how my friends are having the best sex ever while I'm stuck with Milton tasting wine. " WOW! So while you're spending quality time with your boyfriend you're jealous of your friends having sex? You're SICK of it? Strong words my friend! Did it ever occur to you that sipping wine with you brings him great joy and happiness? How do you think it would make him feel if he knew you felt that way?

I'm going to get bashed for this, but it sure sounds like an immature statement. Time to "check yourself" my friend. You can't expect a guy 2wice your age to act, think, feel or be motivated by the same things you do.

Sounds like you have some thinking to do!
Wow, I certainly am not going to bash you Bob. My ex-younger bf started complaining about too much sex.... so he stopped with me and started with others closer to his age. Took a long time getting my self esteem back and then even talking to others 5 years or younger than me. I think it's time Harry, you tell "Milton" just how you feel and don't leave out the "bored" part. Or maybe you may be afraid he might dump you? Sorry but this is coming from someone who was burned.
Just be honest with him about it and see how that goes. If he has no solutions then I say move on and find someone that is as active as you. Some people spend years like this and never communicate and they end up being unhappy the entire time. I say move on if there aren't real emotions between the two of you.

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