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"Shaun, you've got to come out of the closet." -- A tale of a cloyfriend.
I think the most effective way to show the relationship is to create a juxtaposition between me and my man.

Name: Jerred
Age: 19 on December 13
Picture: Will put up after I'm finished my self-esteem make-over. I still don't like how I look.
University degree: 2nd year BA

Name: Shaun
Age: Just turned 21 November 4
Picture: Until he comes to terms with his paranoia, I'll not post a picture of him.
University degree: 4th year BA

We met in RELIG 230 which is Introduction to Hinduism. We both are quite passionate about global (religious) tolerance & cooperation. The circumstances in which we met, may make me sound like a bit of a slut. But he came to class high. And I thought it was a brilliant time to act on my major crush on him. So I invited him back to my dorm to play some video games. Little did he know, I had very different plans. I basically started to flirt with him (my gaydar went off the first day I met him) and then I asked if I could kiss him. Needless to say he tasted blood and he wanted more. Thus a wonderful romance blossomed.

Except his family is in Nova Scotia. His parents are extremely homophobic. So living with toxic self-esteem has made him really paranoid. He doesn't mind that I'm open about my sexuality, but he'd rather not. It gets a little depressing when he won't go out with me. But sometimes its nice just to hangout in eachother's dorm room. Studying together for hinduism, talking, cuddling and other rated G Sesame Street worthy activities... Big Grin
aww cute.
Lucky that it worked and didn't backfire.

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