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So wrong...?
Well, I'm sorta 15 and I have a love of older me, I mean like 50+
What's wrong with me...?
One word:

Really, there's nothing wrong with that.
I think you should read this thread. It might help you a bit.

Love who you want to. Age shouldn't be a problem.
But being 15, you should probably stay out of the sexual stuff for a few years with people older than 18. For leagal reasons.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Love is not right or wrong, just love or not love. It may be weird for someone but it's you who decide whether it's the right thing to do or not.
good advice from a very wise man listen to Genersis BTW I have a 19 year old lover and I am 50 you are not alone
Well, really, as Genersis said, there ain't nothing wrong, but...There shouldn't be a but. You like what you like, what makes you happy. :] But yeah, you gotta wait a bit before gotting with a guy that old, cause.. :redface:

You should keep in mind though two things:
1) it may pass over, it may be just a phase, the liking for older men (not saying it should)
2)it may be REAL hard for you to find the right partner this way, so you gotta be ready to compromise and maybe loook for younger guys too

I hope everything goes well for you. :]]]
Scared Wrote:What's wrong with me...?

You are human, meaning there is nothing wrong with you, you just have a preference Confusedmile:
There is nothing wrong with liking older men. Have a boyfriend who is 22 years older and i love him very much.

The problem lies in finding someone who loves you for other reasons than your age. You need to be careful not to run into someone who will exploit you because of your youth, had that problem too, before finding my man.
Another problem is sex. Having a boyfriend at 15 is quite different of having one later. I doubt that being in a relationship with someone that much older would work without it. Possible, but unlikely. Not only could you get in trouble, but your partner might go to jail, if it got out.

As horrible as it might seem, you should probably wait until you are 18 or find someone your own age.

Thats not what you asked, anyway. You might be different from most people, but that doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. If someone tells you otherwise, think of it as a matter of perspective. You love who you love and there can be nothing wrong with love. Whatever makes you happy.

New here by the way. Rolleyes
Like the others said, there's nothing wrong with you. You and your man are going to need to keep all channels of communication open though if you are going to get through the inevitable prejudice that surrounds older/younger relationships.

I would also suggest a little caution on your part (and doubtless show some of my own prejudice). It is possible that while you are in the full grip of young love his needs may be more sophisticated. Heed the legal stuff already mentioned too.

Take care.

Best wishes and good luck.

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