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Sos love advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tend to bore very easily so I would have ignore his behaviour after about 5 minutes of these games, I would probably have even flipped the bird when the soccer team turned to look.

I dunno what is going on, but if I was you I would just walk up and ask, but you are not me so I ask you, what do you think you should do?

What does your gut instinct say?
if you were out this would all be a none issue.
Well I think you could send him an "anonymous letter", put it in his bag or closet and see how he will respond?

It might be a crazy idea but it will give u hint in the end. He won't freak out if he was gay or bi.

You know what's best for you!
At first I thought he felt bad about ignoring you initially and was trying to make a friendly gesture by talking with you, but as I read more of your post I distinctly get the feeling he's "teasing" you. Or playing with you.

You'll never know until you confront him.

And look at it like this: He already knows you are interested, that's why he's teasing you. You don't have anything to hide, but confronting him does put you in a somewhat vulnerable situation since you're not out.

It's your choice how to handle this.

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