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Yes I am indeed consdiering it in case of future emergencies. Any good ideas?
I just want an escape plan to make sure if life ever meets the criteria where dying is preferable to living that it should done quickly and efficiently.
We can discuss why I came to consdering this as one of my possible plans for the future
Sweetheart I really feel you need professional counseling.
Looking for an out is too easy at times, you say you want to escape ,I can understand that ,but suicide is never the answer.

You are not ugly do not listen to them, you are exactly the way you are meant to be.

If life gets tough you need to be tougher ,you are only 21 years old ,there is so much out there that you have not experienced as yet.

Please get professional guidance it will arm you with the tools you need to cope and overcome.

We are all here for you.
Come on Derek.

We have been here before!

No one here is going to give you tips on how to kill yourself.

I have nothing more to say than repeat you.

1.- 21 is hardly an age where you can see your whole life will be the same. You don't know

2.- You are basing your vision in life on a limited number of shallow mother f*ckers you've met. No everyone will be that way to you.

3.- Breathe Derek. There is nothing wrong with you and nothing worthy of self-termination.

4.- I believe you coming here is a sign you are not sure about this yourself. That's good. DON'T.

You won't be making anyone any favors
You want to know what your escape plan is?

It’s us.

You need to continue coming to GS and using us as your escape. We are here to help you always. We can discuss anything.


You must realize by now how pleased we are you have joined our little community Smile
[SIZE="3"]Many of us have found that the first step to coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is to share them with someone we trust.

I found that trust here ,there are alot of nice people here if you dont have someone close to you.

Even if it doesn't feel like it right now, there are many people who want to support you during this difficult time .If you do not feel the person you have chosen to talk to has understood, tell someone else, or call a suicide crisis helpline

I went thru this and its gonna be alright , find ways to keep your mind off those thoughts.
I know you are a beautiful person i can feel your pain .

If you need to talk you can pm me anytime .[/SIZE]
Listen... If you really wanted to die, you wouldn't be here asking for help.

I fully support the right to die, and I know how to painlessly and effectively die; but I feel that people should consider ending their lives when they are already dying, and close to their natural end. You are suffering from poisoned perceptions and possibly some mental health related issues, which can be fixed and treated.

No, I don't believe you need an out through ending your life. I believe you need to alter the perceptions you have about yourself and find people that love you as much as I wish you loved yourself.

I really hope you feel better in the future.
Jovial Wrote:You want to know what your escape plan is?

It’s us.

You need to continue coming to GS and using us as your escape. We are here to help you always. We can discuss anything.


You must realize by now how pleased we are you have joined our little community Smile

Next time you are down Jovi, you need to listen to your own advice!!!
Its AWESOME advice!!!
Ok. I will tell you a little of what I learned when I prepared for my own demise 30 December 1994. You want it this badly to beg for it, fine I will give it to you.

Just understand, I would prefer if you didn't opt out... we discussed this, but since you are bound and determined to do this, then at least I can give you some pointers to where you can actually do it, instead of end up in a semi-vegitative state by a bad mix of drugs, or because you got just enough oxygen to keep most of the brain going - not all, but most.

First of all, rarely does od'ing on just any ingested (orally) drug result in death, once you do ingest a toxic level of most drugs what happens is that as soon as the body starts absorbing it, the body revolts and turns to purging its stomach (vomiting).

While there are certain cocktails of prescription strength medications one can grind up and mix into a pudding that is slow activated,and slow to trigger a vomiting session, I seriously doubt that unless you are terminal you can get a hold of those. Even if you are terminal, most doctors take that whole 'Do not harm' oath thingy pretty damn seriously.

So what many terminal patients do is they they take a of sedatives/tranquilizers - not a lot as to die from it, but to put them in a deep, deep sleep. One can accomplish that with about 10-20 adult strength dosages of most OTC sleeping pills.

Then they take a 33 gallon trash bag, and fill it full of air, and pull it over their head then tape the opening to their neck - full of fresh air. As much fresh air as possible.

Then they lay back and let the relaxing pills take them to a deep, deep slumber.

Assuming that they have taped off the bag sufficiently air tight, assuming no one walks in on them, assuming that they took enough sleeping pills or sedatives to keep them immobile when the air runs out, they asphyxiate. The condition is called Asphyxia.

Why do it this way? Because asphyxia is a nasty way to go. Your whole body will fight for air, so you need to get your body into such a deep sleep that the best it can do is wiggle uselessly on the bed, so you don't tear at the plastic. Worst possible thing is to get SOME brain damage and your hand rip open the bag and you get oxygen, you continue to live but at some level of vegetable, or retard, or debilitated to the point where you have to be watched all the time and never really get a second change do to it right.

Understand that as a male you will undoubtedly spring a hardon, which given your age will most likely remain stiff after your death. Meaning who ever finds you will undoubtedly wonder if this was a sex act gone horribly wrong.

I strongly suggest you fast for at least 2 days before, and stop drinking fluids at least 12 hours before you do this. Hopefully before you do this you will have a healthy bowel movement. Trust me, when a person expires their bowels loosen, and something about death shit is particularly more unpleasant than regular living shitting.

Trust me, I walked into many a dead person's house, some of whom actually opted out in this manner. They were terminal of course so God knows that they deserved an easy out. Oh I have dealt with the ones who stuck it out to the last shuddering agonizing breath of their terminal illness, unpleasant, but not quiet as unsettling as walking in on a suicide. I don't know, just something about a person who murdered themselves just sets off alarm bells in a person's mind that dying from full blown AIDS or Cancer just doesn't do.

My option was similar to the above, however I also had some pretty power medications (I was a drug dealer at the time, I could get a hold of a lot of drugs), and I spent a considerable amount of time in the public library... The internet wasn't that well known and I had no real access to it, so I hit the books.

I doubt you are a drug dealer, so I'm not going to coach you on what cocktail to aim for. Suffice to say this option mayn't be that practical.

I came to find out after being moved out of ICU to the mental health ward that I didn't need to bother with the bag trick, because I had done a right proper selection of the right drugs and levels to insure my death... Which did happen, I was just fortunately enough to have an Emergency Room full of with doctors who understand necromancy and can bring life back into a fresh corpse. - See I empthize with your desire to die, been there done that - more than once, but was only successful at it once. Live and learn, or as the case may be attempt to die and learn.... yeah there were a couple other attempts I don't talk about, I'm such an utter failure in life, i can't even kill myself properly... I Just hope from my educational here you won't have to go through that horrible experience.

The alternative method, which is the method I'm saving for the next time I do my own self murder, is to get at least three times the recommended dosage of heroin.

Typical starting dose for people who never used Heroin before is between 10-20 mg (injected), so you want to have at least 60 mg to be certain. Personally I would round it up to 100mg.

You will also have to learn how to cook it (prep it in a spoon so you can get it into the hypodermic). Look there are sites for that (will the wonders of the internet age ever end?)

Then there is the whole injecting thing you need to learn. Oh look, Youtube has videos on injecting:

Understand you need to have a little practice hitting a vein. I strongly suggest a week before you do off yourself that you get familiar with what it feels like to hit a vein. I normally suggest injecting with distilled water to people who want to start slamming drug, to reduce chances of infection... but hell your going to kill yourself anyway, so use tap water.

With injection, you have seconds - mere seconds before the impact of the drug you are using hits. Longer if you tap into a foot vein. The reality is, which few people seem to know, is that it takes a bit longer for a drug to reach its full effect when injected in the right arm, than in the left. My goodness, the amount of meth I wasted by shooting up in the right arm, never got the full impact of the rush as what I get from the left arm...

I digress, you have less than half a minute once you inject to do anything. That is barely enough time to pull the needle out of your arm and throw it down... Yeah there is a reason why so many heroin OD's dye with their needle in their arm... Its that quick.

Draw back, the person who finds you will most likely think this is a drug habit gone dreadfully wrong.

Again, purge the system prior, empty the bowels and bladder, refrain from food for 48 hours, fluids for 12... We don't want to leave a huge mess for your finder to stumble upon.

Have you thought about your note? It is traditional to leave a nice note either blaming everyone or trying to assure everyone that it wasn't their fault that you offed yourself.

And what about your insurance? Will it still be in effect if you kill yourself - many policies just flat refuse to pay in cases of self murder. So if that is the case, what happens to your body?

If you do not have insurance and don't want the family stuck with the costs of burial or cremation, might I suggest a living will insisting on donating your body to medical science? I would check around my local area for medical schools, and ask them what their policies are on accepting fresh corpses for the purposes of medical experimentation and of course education. Many will not only utilize the body in many fascinating ways, but will dispose of the remains at no cost to the family.

Lastly, your finder.... usually we don't get much say who finds us when we do it... However in the case of the Heroin OD, you could actually place a 9-11 emergency call just before you hit the vein. Even with the usual 10 minute response, I fear with that much heroin in your blood stream there isn't much they really can do except haul off the body.

This will save any unfortunately from discovering the body....

When I did it, I had a friend with a key and they were all down with the idea of walking in and finding my dead body on the bed. She was kinda cool with death, and the whole goth scene... Rare Gem - she also had a medical background so the idea of finding a body was not going to upset her lunch or breakfast or anything like that. Got someone who you can give a key to your place that you know won't get all freaked out and go totally insane with guilt or something?

Yes, as a matter of fact I have thought about suicide - a lot - perhaps a lot more than you have, if you have only gotten to the 'how do I do it' part and haven't considered post murder clean up, you have definitely not thought enough about this subject.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Drkmcnamara Wrote:Yes I am indeed consdiering it in case of future emergencies. Any good ideas?
I just want an escape plan to make sure if life ever meets the criteria where dying is preferable to living that it should done quickly and efficiently.
We can discuss why I came to consdering this as one of my possible plans for the future

We all have terrible problems to face in our lives and suicide doesn't solve anything.

Whenever I'm considering suicide (yes, it happens to met, too), I find these words very inspirational (I have no idea who wrote this but it makes perfect sense to me):

«To all those talking about suicide: If your only accomplishment in life is to struggle through it take all the sh*t thats thrown at you and somehow make it to the end then you should consider that an achievement in itself. Even if you're the only one to know about it.»
Hey man, I dont know you but I see your name is Derek from previous posts. I also saw your last thread of why you feel like this.


As others have said you are 21 years old. There is no reason to go and do something like this. You are letting peoples opinions control your life. All you need to do is switch it around. You need to control your life, and give your opinions, but use your opinion for good not for bad. Don't worry what people think about you, thats just one person(s) opinion. They clearly do not see the world the correct way in there eyes. There are other people out there, most all of them nice, and not like this person(s). So do not let your life revolve around one comment or false opinion that they made.

I myself deal with problems, especially with anxiety and depression. Seems you have some of this inside you. I recommend you go to counseling. Dont be afraid. I do it, and so d many many many other people. People you wouldn't even think of go to counseling. Its normal and you are not weird for doing so. dont be afraid to tell them you say you want to kill yourself either, they know people will say that. I have said it to myself before in the past, I felt crappy from s many things. I suffer from OCD, anxiety disorder and depression. You can do it man, dont give up. Push through and be tougher than those who bring you down.

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