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That awkward moment...
Hi all,

Well today I felt nostalgic about a lot of things, like my birthplace, my friends, family etc..

So I thought why not re-activate facebook again... I think many would have thought that I've died or might be rotting somewhere in the corner of the earth... Of the entire list only 2 people said hi, but I don't mind because I don't expect them to say hi, it should be me, but I didn't feel like it Smile . One girl who is a distant relative of mine and this guy who I got to know from a friend way back.

2 years ago we chatted often, but simply like friends would chat, nothing special, maybe a friendship bond was being created but we never got to meet or anything. Back in those days we were both single and dating so as to why there wasn't a date is kinda blurry, maybe at that time I didn't felt that he was my type or other way around, but I do remember that we hit it off wel and chatted a lot.

So he hit me up saying "oh look who rediscovered messenger Smile"
so we chatted back and forth, he asked to send him a selfie so he would know how I look today, I wasn't up to it because I was in my lazy sunday mood, but after he sended a few, I felt obligated to send a few too and so I did. And I said what's next naked pics? and he responded "I wouldn't say no to that" I simply laughed it off. We were talking about our relationship because I moved away 2 hrs from birthplace and he moved away to another continent oO

As the chat went on, I said "hold on for a moment"
When I got back again he asked I'm asuming you're going to send me the naked pics, I'm curious to see.

I simply laughed it off again and told him that he was two years too late, and I asked him "besides you moved all the way from belgium to thailand for your boyfriend, to only see me naked? or is that normal in your relationship?"

He tells me that everytime it's not going well and he is a bit drunk, he would never cheat but he do goes online and exchange nude pics.. "So nudes please Big Grin"

He went on saying "I'm actually not 100% sure anymore to stay here my whole life"

I said sorry but I can't do that. And he replies I thought you were much hotter.
I said "hotter? Because I don't send nudes??"

Him: I mean hornier, I thought you were hornier in my mind.. You know, being all arabic and such...
Me: excuse you?? Are you being serious?
Him: I just thought you were hornier, I'm sorry I talked to you in this manner.. It's just in my phantasy and mind I expected something else..
Me: You expected a stereotypical horny arab guy who's priority in life is only sex? yeah well I'm arab, just a boring, not horny, selfrespecting person, and probably a disappointment to all like minded guys -_- but I can tell you that, my relationship might have their ups and downs, but I can proudly say I never had complaints about my sexlife.

him: Sorry, I might have had one too many, going to watch a movie now, maybe talk to you another time, goodnight.
me: Yeah no harm done, goodnight.

The fuck just happened... -_- I thought I was chatting with a friend.
Sorry to hear about all that. A lot of guys are pigs. There are a lot of people who aren't true friends. That all being said, do not let it get to you. While there are a lot of crummy people out there do know there are good people who do truly want your friendship and those are who make all the difference.
I do have few good friends here but I was happy to hear from someone from back in the days.
It got me thinking, what if my friend succeeded into hooking us up :/ I can't imagine being with someone just like that... So I really dodged a bullet...
[MENTION=20944]Ammon[/MENTION] Yep you definitely dodged a bullet. I have unfortunately get hit by one, or a freight train... One of the things I have learned is to trust your gut instinct. I am fortunate to have pretty good intuition but I sometimes completely ignore it and regret it later.
axle2152 Wrote:[MENTION=20944]Ammon[/MENTION] Yep you definitely dodged a bullet. I have unfortunately get hit by one, or a freight train... One of the things I have learned is to trust your gut instinct. I am fortunate to have pretty good intuition but I sometimes completely ignore it and regret it later.

Wow that sucks! Hopefully a good guy will come knocking on your door soon.
Ammon Wrote:Wow that sucks! Hopefully a good guy will come knocking on your door soon.

I know right. Well we live and learn. I think for me the lesson I'm having to learn is when I do finally meet someone who I think is just simply put "awesome" not to go all head over heels and that I need to have some emotional restraint. That also extends to a lot of things, like buying cars, making purchases, etc. Looking at how I have been I do a lot of things based on emotions and rationalize making a bad choice rather than being more objective. Back to the guy thing, it is too damn easy to go crazy for someone you barely know but know enough that they're a "stop, look no further" kind of guy. Like I say I have pretty good intuition, call it energy, charisma detector but I can often tell if someone is good or bad and well the last guy I could have started speaking in French like, "Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles."

Anyway, in hindsight I was being a tacky bitch basically. So now I know what my mistakes have been in the past now time to apply what I learned and do better.

There's a fine line to carpe diem and living in a bubble.
...and nope, I don't know French I googled that lol

So if I ever start speaking another language something is up lol
I fail to understand the significance of this. It was a person you've never met, communicating in written text which is a medium highly vulnerable to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. He probably didn't mean anything bad, and your reaction was out of proportion to what happened.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
Hmmm.... Well I think the problem is that people lack decency. I don't think it is ok to jump to requesting nude pictures after shortly talking to someone you haven't spoken to in years...being drunk doesn't make it ok.

It is true that written communication is very much subject to misunderstanding but to me it seemed pretty clear that person wasn't a friend, was only after nudes. If it were me I would feel pretty undervalued, that this person just sees me as a sexual object and not a person...drunk or not. Not something a friend would say or do.
1 - you can only take drunk texting 1/2 way serious
2 - he was upfront about it and apologized
3 - I'm assuming he didn't send you any nudes
4 - let him follow up, if he keeps it clean, stay friends, otherwise block him
Those who have HATE in their heart are HATEFUL PEOPLE

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