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The Dance and dancing thread
another dance from Madame Butterfly... as I was saying to the guys in chat, always nice to see a shirtless man... Wink

Maria Tallchief, Native American dancer . . . I believe she was from the Cherokee Nation.


One of my favorites. A very clean choreography by Marty Kudelka.

Choreography starts at 1:36

This came to my attention...

This is in the dancing thread because it's about male belly dancers...
The film makers were inspired by their friend Ahmet Yildiz whose unfortunate story is brought to our awareness through this short film: INVISIBLE LINES

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life

Flashdance - Maniac

Just Dance: Black Swan Official Dance Scene with Natalie Portman

Center Stage-- Final Dance Scene

Some of these are classics...

and the famous hand move...


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